Pirelli Mexico awarded for its social responsibility program

Pirelli Mexico received the Vive Unido por la Salud Award, awarded by Fondo Unido México in recognition of the Rolling Together for Children with Pirelli program

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The important work of Pirelli Mexico in terms of social responsibility has been recognized by Fondo Unido México (FUM) which awarded the Italian company the Vive Unido por la Salud Award.

Fondo Unido México (FUM), a private assistance institution that seeks to improve social conditions in more than 41 countries in which it operates, awarded the program Rodando Juntos por la Niñez con Pirelli, which aims to provide training to children who come from difficult social environments and who live in the communities near Silao, where the factory of the Italian company is located.

This program is in addition to a series of activities that, nationally and globally, Pirelli has defined to reinforce its sustainable commitment: among them, the initiative called Llantatón, which collects end-of-life tires to reduce their environmental impact; reforestation and conservation projects where Pirelli has adopted hectares in the most important protected natural areas of the state of Guanajuato; the Inter Campus México program that, since 2012, supports the integral development and social inclusion of children in vulnerable conditions, involving them in sports activities.

Jorge Martin, Pirelli's Safety, Health and Environment Manager for North America commented: "The lives of many children in vulnerable conditions have changed with the Rolling Together for Children with Pirelli program. This initiative aims to contribute to the development of the communities that live in the areas where the Italian company operates. It is very satisfying that programs of this type are recognized by institutions such as Fondo Unido México."

The event to present the Vive Unido por la Salud Award, held at Casa Abierta Monte, located in Mexico City, was the appointment for the Mexico Assembly 2023 "United in purpose" in which the achievements of a future and sustainable investment in Mexico were exposed.

With the participation of more than 128 donor and volunteer companies, FUM supported 687 institutions in 11 states of the republic. During the 2023 Assembly, awards were given to the most outstanding companies, associations, and volunteers for their humanitarian work. The prizes awarded were pieces made with recycled plastic materials, made by artisans from Malinalco, State of Mexico.