Local Communities

“Pirelli intends to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the communities it operates in by providing efficient and technologically advanced services. Pirelli endorses and, where appropriate, gives support to educational, cultural, and social initiatives for promoting personal development and improving living standards. Pirelli does not provide contributions, advantages, or other benefits to political parties or trade union organizations, or to their representatives or candidates, this without prejudice to its compliance with any relevant legislation.”
(Ethical Code – The Wider Community)

Since it was founded in 1872, Pirelli has been aware that it plays a major role in promoting civil progress in all communities where it operates. Consistently with the Ethical Code and the Group Policy on Health, Occupational Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility, Pirelli has developed a global strategy for protection of the territory, supporting health, education and training, environmental, cultural and sport initiatives.

Road Safety

Pirelli has a global reputation not only for high performance, but also safety. Together with environmental protection, road safety is the key element of the Green Performance strategy that inspires the Group’s industrial and commercial choices. Pirelli’s commitment to road safety takes the form of numerous training and awareness-raising activities, but above all in terms of research and the ongoing application of innovative technological solutions for sustainable transport.

In 2012, during Pirelli’s first Sustainability Day, safety was one of the main themes of the conference, which saw the involvement of representatives of the institutions, associations, the academic world and business: as well as the Minister Corrado Clini, also present were Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for Industry and Business, Peter Bakker, Chairman of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Nikhil Chandavarkar, Chief of Communication and Outreach, Division of Sustainable Development, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Carlo Fidanza, member of the Transport and Tourism Commission of the European Parliament, Toby Webb, founder and chairman of Ethical Corporation, and Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation on Economic Trends. The initiative followed an important agreement drawn up in Italy a few months previously between Pirelli, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Universities and Research to identify and support joint projects and initiatives that aim to implement road safety information and training campaigns targeting Italian motorists and new drivers and secondary school students in particular. Part of this project involved producing an educational video on road safety in collaboration with the Police.

In Turkey, Pirelli is launching a wide-ranging educational project at university level in collaboration with the local office of the World Health Organization, the General Directorate on Safety and the universities to create e-learning courses on road safety. The course for university credits “Traffic Safety 101”, will last 14 weeks and will involve hands-on lessons, with cars, tyres and instructors supplied by Pirelli and its partner in the project Dogˇu Otomotive Traffik Hayattır (Traffic is Life!). This initiative is part of the United Nations “Decade of Road Safety” managed by the WHO. During the 2013-2015 period, in all the countries where Pirelli is present, developing countries in particular, the company will be rolling out national campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the value of safety for individuals and society.

Social Solidarity

The inclusive approach taken by Pirelli to involvement and inclusion takes the form of social solidarity worldwide. In Brazil, where Pirelli has been historically active in the local community with social initiatives, support for the “Projeto Guri” continued. This project offers musical instrument and singing lessons to 200 children from disadvantaged families. Pirelli also supports Alianca da Misericordia, an orphanage in Sao Paulo that offers shelter to 300 orphans and homeless children, as well as the Dr. Klaide Nursery in Santo Andre. Pirelli also supports various centres close to the schools that offer educational, artistic and social activities. Pirelli supports the Fundacio Mambre in Spain, a foundation that operates as facilitator in social inclusion processes, supporting homeless people on their individual growth paths. Its goal is to create dwelling solutions. In Sweden Pirelli supports Min Stora Dag, an organisation that every day makes a dream come true for a terminally ill child. In China Pirelli makes donations of rice and oil to the poorest families in the community, while in Russia the Moscow office has launched an annual project, which will be extended to the manufacturing areas of Kirov and Voronezh, selling artisanal products to raise money for the deaf and blind children in the Sergiev Posad orphanage. In Turkey Pirelli has supported the Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZICEV) by covering the cost of gas to heat the centre. In the United Kingdom Pirelli has joined a programme for promoting charity donations made by employees, with more than 10% of the workforce involved. After fund raising for Haiti and Japan, Pirelli and its employees also responded to the earthquake emergency in the Emilia region of Italy with the project “Together for Emilia”, according to the usual formula, whereby the company donates the same amount as that raised by employees, thus doubling the sum. The project supported by these donations is entitled “Ri-commerciamo”, a new business centre by San Felice sul Panaro (Mo). This project aims to support the many companies that lost their premises, by giving them somewhere to get back into business. Selected from the proposals put forward by the CNA (the National Confederation of Tradespeople and Industry and Regional Small and Medium Businesses), the initiative officially got under way on 25 July 2012, and is expected to be fully operative in the first few months of 2013.


Pirelli considers contributing to improving the health services of the communities where it operates to be a priority. Since 2008 Pirelli Tyres Romania, in collaboration with the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, has supported the professional training of medical and nursing professionals and the donation of medical equipment and devices to Slatina Hospital. Over 120 professionals who annually take care of more than 40,000 patients have been trained in this programme. Over the next three years Pirelli will support practical training in radiology, gynaecology and reconstructive surgery. Pirelli has also launched a specific programme for the prevention of uterine cancer and fund raising to combat breast cancer. Pirelli Tyres Romania has also provided dental treatment to around 350 children in Slatina and Bals through the project Overland for Smile. Since 2010 Pirelli has supported the Pequeno Principe Hospital in Curitiba, the biggest paediatric hospital in Brazil. In the United Kingdom Pirelli organised an award ceremony at Burton Hospital, and encourages its employees to do voluntary work on social projects. In Argentina, Pirelli sponsors a marathon to benefit the Italian Hospital, while in China it offers flu vaccinations to the community.

Education and training

Pirelli promotes education, instruction, and technical training as a basic value. The Company supports educational programmes that can give poor children the tools for escaping poverty. It contributes to scholarships and research projects. It offers technical training to its own workers but also to the communities where it operates, firmly believing in training as key to individual growth and the economic growth of a nation. In Brazil Pirelli supports Educandario Imaculado Coracao de Maria in Amelia Rodrigues, an elementary school run by Italian nuns, besides two day care centres. In Turkey the company supports the Turk Pirelli Primary School and the Turk Pirelli High School with initiatives like repainting the buildings and redoing the gardens, classrooms and bathrooms. Pirelli also promotes voluntary tutoring in vocational schools in Turkey and together with suppliers has made a donation towards the construction of a new classroom in a local school. In South Africa Pirelli sponsors both a school, the Drakensberg Boys Choir School, and a business project. Pirelli offers school and university scholarships in various countries, from Italy to Venezuela, Romania and Spain. The Company offers internships, finances student projects, and promotes international exchanges between students. Special mention must be made of the recent agreement between Pirelli and Qufu Normal University in China: Pirelli will finance 25 excellent students from poor backgrounds so that they can complete their studies. In the United Kingdom Pirelli and its employees are involved in mentoring programmes and work placements. Pirelli also continues to work with the University of Shandong in China and the University of Craiova in Romania, among others.

Technical training is particularly important for Pirelli, including but not only in terms of creating a pool of skilled labour needed to optimise productivity in its factories. Internally, Pirelli uses its own resources to optimise training, as in the case of the workers for the new factory in Mexico being trained at Slatina in Romania. Externally, Pirelli has supported projects in the communities where it operates for technical training useful to create a good balance between labour supply and demand. In Romania the project “CORE: Linking labour market needs with the workforce in S-V Oltenia Region” is a partnership between Pirelli, a number of NGOs (e.g. the “Fondazione Luigi Clerici”) and other firms operating locally. CORE offers courses on vulcanization and other training projects for rubber workers, mechanics and industrial electricians. In Romania the programme “Train yourself for success” is aimed at school-age children and offers them useful vocational technical training. In Argentina the Merlo site offers educational visits to the factory and is involved in teaching activities at technical schools in the area. In Egypt in 2012 Pirelli launched a major project for developing the Al Amreya Industrial Secondary School. As well as committing to completely redoing the facilities, from the sewers to the classrooms, Pirelli provided a complete training course for instructors and developed a curriculum based on various specialisations that can lead to openings with Pirelli. The company set up a “dual” course with teaching both in the classroom and in the factory in Alexandria. 

When sport becomes an expression of solidarity

There is a close link between solidarity and sport, in a virtuous circle where commitment to sports becomes synonymous with the commitment to promoting solidarity and ethics, especially amongst young people. Getting young people involved in sport is a way to teach the notion of integration to children from different social groups, and helps prevent negative situations like isolation and solitude. Since 2008, FC Internazionale Milano, Pirelli and Comunita Nuova have been running the “Inter Campus” social project in Slatina, Romania. Sporting and recreational activities are offered all year round to more than 80 children from different backgrounds. For more than two years now, through football, the children have been learning about team spirit, social integration and the value of friendship.  In 2012 Pirelli and F.C. Internazionale Milano organised an Inter Campus in Silao, Mexico, near the new Pirelli factory. The new Inter Campus, like the factory, was opened by the President Felipe Calderon. Pirelli also sponsors baseball in Venezuela through the Pirelli Baseball School, which is attended by more than 300 children and teenagers; basketball, volleyball, football and motorsport in Brazil; football and motorsport in the United Kingdom, and basketball and volleyball in Turkey, to name but a few. In the United States Pirelli sponsors the Citizens Committee for New York City with the project Pirelli Fun & Fit, funding various social sports projects, and in Argentina the company sponsors two  marathons a year.

Environmental initiatives

Many Pirelli employees around the world have taken part in environmental projects. In Venezuela the company organised a large group of volunteers to clear beaches and adjacent areas. “Let’s do it Romania” is an important project organised by Pirelli in conjunction with the municipality of Slatina, which gathered 350 volunteers to clean up brownfield sites and give nature a helping hand. In Turkey and China Pirelli people got involved in tree planting and in Turkey Pirelli made a donation to a foundation that combats land erosion.


The activities linked to Pirelli Culture move along three different, converging paths: Fondazione Pirelli, Fondazione HangarBicocca and sponsorship of artistic and musical events both in Italy and abroad, starting with Brazil. Established in 2009, the Fondazione Pirelli (Pirelli Foundation) is committed to promoting the corporate culture embraced by the Group, staging initiatives connected to the Historic Archives and a series of conferences, exhibitions, publications and theatre events. The main event was the staging (from 7 to 19 February 2012) of the show Settimo – La fabbrica e il lavoro, produced by the Piccolo Teatro of Milan and directed by Serena Sinigaglia. The show, an original representation of the themes and values of industry and work, was based on more than 2,000 pages of interviews with the employees of the site at Settimo Torinese, carried out by Fondazione Pirelli in 2011 (and brought together in the book “Voci del lavoro” (Voices of Work) by Roberta Garruccio, edited by the Fondazione and published by Laterza in May 2012). The show was extremely well received by the public and critics alike. Other key initiatives include the exhibition “L’Umanesimo industriale di Pirelli: dalla natura alla produzione con gli occhi dell’arte” (Pirelli’s Industrial Humanism: from nature to production through the eyes of art), based on more than 350 technical drawings of tyres recovered and restored and organised on occasion of the Enterprise Culture Week organised by Confindustria; the publication of the book and DVD “Pirelli in 35 mm” (with films including several “Caroselli” and the famous feature film “The Hare and the  Tortoise” purchased by the MOMA in New York), and the conferences “Science, culture and technology in the Pirelli Magazine” and “Psychologists in the Factory.

Stories and Sources”. Activities organised include the workshops on the changes taking place in the Bicocca neighbourhood, the factory and the world of work, which involved  more than 300 primary school children; the guided tours taken by the G.B. Pirelli school in Rome and the Boccioni art school in Milan, and the activities organised  for students at the Milan universities Bocconi, Cattolica and Bicocca, and the University of Brescia. With regards to the relationship between education and “work culture” , Pirelli is also active in the arena of school education. Since 2010 the Foundation has been on the Board of Governors of the G.B. Pirelli pre-school in Varenna, in the province of Lecco, as well as supporting the activities of the “Leopoldo Pirelli” Secondary School in Rome, where in 2011 it established the annual Leopoldo Pirelli Prize, awarding study grants to particularly outstanding students. The Foundation also continues to work with the Fondazione Agnelli and the Fondazione Garrone in the Associazione per la Formazione d’Eccellenza (Association for Excellence in Education).

In 2012 the Fondazione Pirelli also continued to act as project leader in an initiative entitled Doppia C/Cultura e Crescita (Culture and Growth), together with the Bicocca University and the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, aimed at producing projects and strategies for cultural and artistic development to improve the quality of life of inhabitants and city users in the North/North East greater Milan area. After winning a call for proposals issued by Fondazione Cariplo, the project was prepared and presented for the second stage of activities and research. The activities involved in managing the  Historic Archive also continued (with restoration completed on 200 original advertising sketches, 2,000 advertising posters, 8,000 photographs and dozens of industrial films in collaboration with Cineteca italiana). Work also got under way on the cataloguing of the Pirelli technical/scientific library (20,000 volumes) and publishing  the entire back catalogue of the Pirelli magazine online: this can now be consulted on the Foundation website. In 2012 the Foundation website also grew, with the addition of the “Corporate Culture” section and a facebook page, thus becoming a point of reference for activities in this regard by Confindustria and Assolombarda. 2012 also saw more than 3,600 visitors to Fondazione Pirelli, and the  exhibition “L’anima di gomma” being shortlisted for the ADI “Golden Compass” award. With regards to HangarBicocca, 2012 was the year for reopening and relaunching this venue as a) a hub for international contemporary art and culture; b) a new model of cultural institution, in which those who wish to gain insight into artistic languages can interact with contemporary art projects; c) an element promoting the cultural and social development of the surrounding area. These objectives were pursued by means of an artistic programme that, from the beginning of April, saw six major exhibitions by artists of international standing (Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi, Hans Peter Feldmann, Wilfredo Prieto, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Carsten Nicolai and Tomas Saraceno) attended by more than 120,000 visitors in 2012 and with a wide-ranging, positive response from the critics in the Italian and international press.There were also many initiatives and activities planned  with the aim of making the public the focal point of the new HangarBicocca project (guided tours, opening times designed with the demands of city life and the needs of families in mind - Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 11 pm – workshops for children and teenagers aged 4 to 14 (HB Kids), a multipurpose area for consulting books, magazines and audiovisual material devoted to contemporary art free of charge, or hosting conferences and events (HB Lab). The results were as follows: for HB kids, more than 130 creative activities and 45 film screenings involving more than 2,600 children; for HB School, more than 80 classes registered for the programmes, with more than 2,000 students; guided tours and films selected by the artists always fully booked. Mention must also be made of the partnership agreements signed with public and private institutions, with the aim of improving the panorama of cultural activities on offer in the local area. An agreement was signed with the Milan City Council Department of Culture and the Ministry of Education. With regards to support for culture and art in general, in 2012 partnerships and collaborations  continued between the Pirelli Group and the Milan Triennale, the Fondazione Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Pinacoteca di Brera, FAI, Milan’s Piccolo Teatro, the Franco Parenti Theatre, the “MiTo Settembre Musica” festival, the Italian Chamber Orchestra led by maestro  Salvatore Accardo, “la Milanesiana” and the Lezioni di Storia initiative organised by Laterza Editore. Pirelli also supported many major cultural initiatives in countries where the company has a strong presence, such as Brazil. 2012 saw the exhibition of the MASP Pirelli Collection at the Museu de Arte de Sao  Paulo (MASP), one of the most important collections of photography in Brazil.

Also in Brazil, Pirelli sponsors the Italian cinema week and the Mozarteum orchestra, as well as supporting a Pirandello opera and a presentation of the Heliopolis Symphony Orchestra at the Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo. Pirelli China supports research into Confucianism, funding the China Confucius Website and the activities of the Month of Confucian Culture. The company also supports dance, music and drama, sponsoring events in Venezuela, Turkey, Romania and Argentina.


Last Revised: 11 Jul 2013