Local Communities

“Pirelli intends to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the communities it operates in by providing efficient and technologically advanced services. Pirelli endorses and, where appropriate, gives support to educational, cultural, and social initiatives for promoting personal development and improving living standards. Pirelli does not provide contributions, advantages, or other benefits to political parties or trade union organizations, or to their representatives or candidates, this without prejudice to its compliance with any relevant legislation.”
(Ethical Code – The Wider Community)

Since it was founded in 1872, Pirelli has been aware that it plays a major role in promoting civil progress in all communities where it operates. Consistently with the Ethical Code and the Group Social Responsibility Policy for Occupational Health, Safety, Rights, and Environment, Pirelli has developed a global strategy for protection of the territory, supporting health, education and training, environmental, cultural and sport initiatives.

Pirelli’s commitment to road safety is really high. It is signatory of the European Road Safety Charter and wants to share its focus and expertise with its stakeholders, the driving world, through events such as the “Driving Innovation” and the “Bikers Academy”.

The Company is also engaged in the field of education and training; in addition to the technical and research cooperation with three universities in Italy, China and Romania, Pirelli develops technical education programmes and organises educational internships in Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Russia, China and Argentina.

Pirelli considers contributing to improve the health services of the communities where it operates as a priority. Since 2008, in collaboration with the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, the Company has supported the professional training of medical and nursing professionals and the donation of medical equipment and devices to Slatina Hospital, Romania. In South America Pirelli supports the pediatric hospital Pequeno Principe (Brazil) and participates to an important flu vaccination campaign (Argentina).

The Company also believes in the existence of a close link between solidarity and sport; from 2008, together with FC Internazionale Milano and Comunità Nuova, it has promoted the Inter Campus project, which gathers every year hundreds of children; moreover, Pirelli sponsors football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis and hockey in some South American countries, Spain and Russia.

In the cultural fields, Pirelli sponsors the São Paulo Modern Art Museum and participates to the cultural project Mozarteum. In Italy the Company engages in the production, exhibition and promotion of contemporary art through Pirelli HangarBicocca and in the promotion and diffusion of its corporate culture through the Pirelli Foundation.

Environment protection is really important for the Group; in addition to the projects in Romania and Russia which concern the cleaning of degraded areas, Pirelli expressed, during the Earth Day, its commitment to offset CO2 emissions produced by its own fleet with carbon credits generated by the Bolivia Project.

For more information about worldwide Pirelli’s initiatives, please go to the Online Report.


Last Revised: 28 Jul 2014