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Finding the right Pirelli tyre for your IRAN KHODRO car is now even easier and more intuitive. Personalise the search above, entering the model of your IRAN KHODRO car, the year of registration and the version of your car. We will then show you all sizes available across Pirelli’s tyre catalogue for IRAN KHODRO cars.

In addition to that it is possible to search for tyres by season. If this is your case please check our summer, winter and all season tyres for IRAN KHODRO vehicles.

There are lots of data sheets for Pirelli products available for the wide range of IRAN KHODRO models. With a click of the mouse, you can enter a world of high performance, safety, cutting-edge technology and adaptability to all weather conditions.

It’s now even easier to choose the best Pirelli tyre for your IRAN KHODRO car thanks to our vast catalogue of models; you can view the correct type of tyres by selecting your car’s year and model. If you don’t know this information, we recommend exploring the catalogue via the ‘search by tyre size’ toolbar to find the right ones for your  IRAN KHODRO car. If you are interested in Pirelli products for your IRAN KHODRO car and you are considering purchasing some after looking through the catalogue, head to a Pirelli dealer who will always offer their professionalism, expertise and support to find you the right solution at an affordable price.

Pirelli’s product catalogue also offers IRAN KHODRO car owners the chance to make their trips, transport and daily activities safer with a wide range of products designed specifically to cater for seasonal changes and adverse weather during each period of the year. Pirelli provides winter tyres for optimal grip - even in low temperatures and on wet roads - thanks to their high level of traction and resistance to aquaplaning; summer tyres for excellent reliability at high temperatures, low rolling resistance and optimal grip on the road; and practical and functional all-season tyres, which integrate the features of summer and winter tyres, ensuring high performance in one solution.

IMPORTANT! With the tyre search by car brand, you can easily find the right solution for your needs in just a few simple clicks: enter the make, model, year and version of your car and you can see the type of Pirelli tyre for that specific car, based on its technical specifications and homologation criteria. Then, you will be shown a list of tyre sizes that can replace the tyres originally fitted on the selected vehicle model, if available.

These results are provided as a guide; Pirelli takes no responsibility for any inaccuracies; before making a purchase, it is your responsibility to perform the appropriate checks; you can consult a Pirelli dealer to check the technical and legal terms that could prevent the replacement proposed. Legal information