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WARNING! By selecting a vehicle, the interactive application will show you the Pirelli tyre most suited to your vehicle according to its technical features and homologation and a list of sizes that can replace those originally fitted. Legal information

Every car has specific dimensions and mechanical characteristics, making it fundamental to choose the right tyre. That is the only way to ensure enhanced driving performance and minimize risks.
The Pirelli catalogue contains a vast selection of summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyres for various types of cars, such as city cars, saloons, sports cars, SUVs, and vans.
With the tyres search by car brand tyre selector, you can easily identify the specific solution that best meets your requirements in just a few clicks: simply select brand, model, year and version of your car you can see the ideal types of Pirelli tyre for your specific car, based on the technical features and homologation criteria. Then you will be shown a list of tyre sizes that can replace the tyres originally fitted on the selected vehicle model. The product data sheets for the tyres suggested for your vehicle make and model allow you to analyze the specific technical features in detail and compare the different solutions within the wide range of Pirelli tyres.
Once you have identified what tyres fit your car, we recommend contacting nearest tyre shops and repair services Pirelli to find out more about the technical side of the tyres and check whether there are any technical or regulatory issues that may prevent you from using them. Then you can complete your purchase with total peace of mind.