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The constant quest to transcend the boundaries of technology and the constant desire to be ahead of the game and innovate have enabled Pirelli to set trends and reach the cutting edge on a global scale.


Pirelli has created several innovative technological solutions to increase driving comfort and ensure total mobility. Comfort is covered by the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™; when it comes to total mobility, Pirelli has studied and developed two technologies: Pirelli SEAL INSIDE™ and Pirelli RUN FLAT.

The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ is a Pirelli technology that reduces the noise generated by tyre rolling that is transmitted into the cabin. This system uses a polyurethane sponge to absorb the vibrations in the structure and inside the tyre caused by resonance between the road surface and the tread pattern. This reduces the noise by up to 2 or 3 decibels, on average halving it.

The Pirelli SEAL INSIDE™ tyre technology enables you to continue driving your car in the event of a puncture, thanks to an internal sealant in the tyre that self-seals without losing air pressure. When an external object penetrates the tyre, it is surrounded by a mastic that seals the puncture. When the object is removed, the mastic gradually fills the hole and seals the edges, ensuring that it holds its pressure for the entire life of the tyre.

Pirelli RUN FLAT is the technology designed to keep the vehicle stable in the event of a puncture, so that you can continue driving safely for 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph. This system features specific reinforcements in the sidewall of the tyre’s internal structure so that it can support lateral and transversal loads even in the absence of pressure.

CYBER™ TYRE is the first system based on sensorized tyres in the world to gather vital data and communicate this in real-time to the car. For a safer, tailor-made top driving experience with high performance levels. Greater driving safety and peace of mind.

Enjoy a long and carefree drive, with an extra boost in battery range when choosing ELECT™ tyres, engineered to dissipate less energy thanks to low rolling resistance.