Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2: the secret lies in magic sipes

Pirelli’s new winter tyre for safe driving even in the most extreme conditions, typical of the coldest months of the year

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Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2: the secret lies in magic sipes

Driving in winter is always a challenge, with plenty of pitfalls. The road surface can suddenly become very slippery, and there are all sorts of other unforeseen hazards to contend with as well. So what’s the best way to get through it all? Obviously by being careful, but also by choosing the right tyre. Such as the new Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2, which – thanks to the latest pioneering technologies – helps drivers of medium-sized vehicles and CUVs to benefit from more control and comfort during the coldest months of the year. One of things that makes this tyre truly stand out are the special sipes (small grooves within the tyre) which actually become bigger as the tread pattern wears down, capturing more snow to give greater grip and safety. But don’t just take our word for it. The renowned German certification agency, TUV SUD, has awarded Pirelli’s latest tyre its sought-after ‘Performance Mark’: testament to the ample capabilities of the new Cinturato.


Whether it’s snowing, raining, or just cold, drivers can feel serene in all types of winter conditions thanks to the unique tread pattern of the Cinturato Winter 2, which is equipped with those ‘extendable’ sipes. Courtesy of its 3D structure, the sipes change shape according to the amount of wear on the tyre: transforming from a straight line into a zig-zag pattern. This serves to extend the overall surface area of the sipes, giving the Cinturato Winter 2 the winter performance it needs even when worn down. In total, the network of sipes extends to 43 metres, generating more grip on snowy ground, and increasing the useful area when it comes to capturing snow by 30% compared to its predecessor, the Sottozero 3.

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There are two other aspects that set the new Cinturato Winter 2 apart from previous generations of Pirelli winter tyres. The first thing is a longer tyre life, thanks to the use of a special compound, structure, and tread pattern design. The state-of-the art compound has been developed using Pirelli’s renowned experience in motorsport.

The second thing is better rolling resistance, which limits fuel consumption as well as harmful emissions. The Cinturato Winter 2 also makes less noise, thanks to the specific design of the tread pattern – and that benefits the environment as well, with the new tyre classified in the A and B categories on the European tyre label.

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In many ways, the Cinturato Winter 2 is the tyre of the future. Virtual development has played a key part in the definition of the tread pattern design, while Pirelli’s innovative Seal Inside technology allows motorists to carry on without a loss of pressure even in the event of a puncture up to four millimetres in diameter, giving an extra feeling of safety and reassurance. The Elect tyre is available for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, consisting of a special package of compound, structure and tread pattern technologies. These guarantee a low rolling resistance, which in turn helps maximise range. Other benefits include a reduction in road noise – making the cabin a more comfortable place to spend time – and immediate grip. The Cinturato name may be a historic one for Pirelli but following the recent launches of the Cinturato P7 summer tyre and the year-round Cinturato All Season SF2, the Cinturato family has been entirely renewed.

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