Pirelli Elect, silence, grip and long distances

Here are the advantages that Pirelli tyres guarantee for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Porsche Taycan is first to use them

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Look out the window and watch the flow of cars whizzing along the street without a noise may not be a dream with the advent of new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, the most important trend in the automotive sector in the coming years. And for the car of the future, Pirelli together with leading car manufacturers has introduced a specific type of tyre distinguished by the Elect marking and developed in line with the Perfect Fit strategy.


Pirelli Elect: three main advantages

Environment and innovation are two fundamental aspects of the new mobility and Pirelli Elect offers a rich contribution on both fronts. Launched at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and available as Original Equipment for the most advanced cars on the road, the Elect marking offers a number of advantages. First and foremost is low rolling resistance, which increases the driving range while reducing consumption.

Another key advantage is noise reduction, for ultimate comfort and to emphasize the quiet inside the cabin. In electric cars, the engine is no longer the primary source of noise, so combatting sound frequencies produced by the tyres is the key to creating a very silent atmosphere.

Finally, an immediate grip to bite into the asphalt instantly, putting the power down for a quick getaway.  There is also another feature that is worth mentioning: a special structure designed to support the weight of a battery-powered vehicle.

A specific Pzero Elect for the Porsche Taycan

The first car to fit Elect-marked tyres is the Porsche Taycan. Pirelli's engineers developed a specific P Zero Elect tyre for the Taycan, now available as original equipment, to capitalize on the car's phenomenal performance, with a specific compound, construction and tread pattern design. This delivers the three benefits explained above: low rolling resistance, reduced road noise and immediate grip – even with the Taycan's impressive power and low-down torque – to enhance drivability: all in perfect safety.

And when it's cold…

Driving a Porsche Taycan is a unique experience, even when temperatures drop below seven degrees centigrade and summer tyres are no longer able to perform at their best. For this reason, Pirelli has created Elect versions of the P Zero Winter as well as the Winter Sottozero 3 and Scorpion Winter 2 for electric and hybrid cars. Even if they are driven in the harshest winter conditions, their drivers require the best possible performance.

Thanks to their softer compound, these winter tyres deliver excellent road holding and traction, which is particularly challenging with electric cars. They also ensure secure braking, all to the advantage of safety. This is possible because the tyre has been specifically conceived to suit the unique performance characteristics of electric cars. These bespoke winter tyres are distinguished by M+S symbols accompanied by the 3PMSF (three-peak mountain snowflake) logo.