Pirelli Elect prepares for winter

In addition to original equipment and summer products, the technology package for electric and plug-in hybrid cars is now available in many aftermarket sizes for all seasons

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The direction is clear and the pace is swift. There will be more and more electrified vehicles on the road in the coming years and the percentage will rise even further taking high-end cars into account. Elect is the name of the technology package developed by Pirelli integrated into the tyres for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles designed to meet their specific needs. Originating as the Speciality range for original equipment, Elect is now available for a growing number of products, including spares and the winter range. The growth of the latter segment is particularly fast. Following many collaborations sealed by Pirelli with leading car makers, Pirelli Elect can already equip 65% of all Premium and Prestige models (over 80% considering Prestige alone). With the aim of accompanying the automotive market towards a more “electric” future, Elect will be available on all Pirelli product families, including P Zero, Cinturato and Scorpion, with tyres for all seasons and replacement throughout the life of the car. 


In addition to equipping the new models rolling off the assembly lines, the increasing popularity of electric cars and their year-round use is driving the development of tyres suited for the various seasons. This is why, following the launch of the summer range, Elect is gradually spreading into the segment of winter and all-season tyres across all major Pirelli families: P Zero, Cinturato and Scorpion. More in detail, the latter newly revamped family dedicated to the SUV segment is currently the one with the most Elect type-approvals. 


Lower battery consumption, optimal management of the typical high torque delivered by the electric motor, adequate support of the vehicle weight and low noise. Elect spare tyres maintain the main benefits of original equipment and more importantly, allow motorists to exploit the full potential of their BEV or PHEV throughout its entire life, even when it is time to replace the original tyres.


The integration of Elect technology in original equipment tyres, identifiable by a marking on the sidewall, is the result of Pirelli's partnerships with all major car manufacturers. The collaborations are on the rise confirming the growing need to supply tyres capable of meeting the specific needs of cars on demand with Elect type-approvals exceeding 250 in 2021 alone, doubling the total from debut since the end of 2020. Numbers like these qualify Pirelli as the tyre manufacturer with the largest share of type-approvals for electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles.