PRAGA BOHEMA: the road Hypercar born on the racetrack

The latest revelation in the world of extremely high-performance cars certified for roads and racetracks will shortly be launched onto the market by the manufacturing company Praga with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres.

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The Praga Bohema is ready for its début among the Hypercars. The new vehicle from this historic group will actually be on sale by the second half of 2023 with the objective of conquering the fans of racing cars but also offering them the opportunity to appreciate it on normal roads. In addition to its cost, something which will render this experience even more exclusive is the volume of its sales, which is planned to reach 10 units in its first year and a maximum of 89 units in around four years' time.

The project, launched around five years ago from an idea by the ambassador Romain Grosjean, has now become a one-of-a-kind model: on 23rd November the automotive group introduced the Praga Bohema in all its most innovative aspects, focusing in particular on the combination between weight, power and aerodynamics, which has generated an almost extraordinary result. 

A success with full marks: “Driving the Bohema is an experience unlike any other”- explains Romain, the ex-F1 driver and currently an Indycar driver, who participated actively in the planning and in the testing of the first prototype created in 2019 –“I do not recall ever having driven a number-plated car so similar to a racing car. Not to mention what it looks like – it is spectacular!”


The Praga Bohema certainly represents a new driving experience within the automobile market. In actual fact it is based on a Nissan engine, inspired by the winning 3.8L GT-R machines, revisited by a manufacturing company from outside the Japanese colossus, in fact the renowned English design studio, Litchfield.
The engine for this petrol-driven Hypercar, entitled the PL38DETT, is a biturbo V6 capable of producing up to  700 HP which enables it to reach a top speed of over 300 km/h. In particular, the Bohema can not only reach 100 km/h in 2.3s, but also boasts a braking system as impressive as its power, which uses carbon-ceramic discs with a diameter of 380mm.

Race-level performances are achieved thanks to the meticulous level of attention devoted to weight and aerodynamics – fundamental aspects of the design of the Praga Bohema: from the choice of its design developed in a wind tunnel, through to the extensive use of lightweight materials such as carbon fibre, and alloys of magnesium and titanium, the Praga is a success in what could be defined as the job of creating a two-seater monocoque-frame supercar, with a combined weight of just 982kg and a power/weight ratio of 1.40 kg/HP.

At first sight, the Praga Bohema appears in all its aspects to be a racing car. In reality, it has been created in such a way that it combines comfort at high performance with comfort on the road: equipped with air conditioning, lights, sensors and, if required, a trunk and acoustic signal, this vehicle has been internally lined with alcantara, that is to say a durable and hard-wearing fabric which is able to delay the propagation of flames.


Naturally, for their grip, the provision of the tyres was entrusted to Pirelli: Praga chose the P Zero™ Trofeo R tyres  measuring 18'' and 19'', which procure excellent road-holding and support for this racing car with rear-wheel drive, which at 250 km/h can generate a downforce of 900 kg. In fact, the Praga Bohema has already been tested in the United Kingdom, in Europe and in Slovakia, where it has demonstrated excellent performance levels.