From the high speed of Nardò to the ice of Pole

Two years of joint development between Pirelli and Lamborghini. This is how the P Zero for the Lamborghini URUS SE was made

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Pirelli and Lamborghini collaborated for more than two years to design a range of tyres made for accomplish the specific needs of the new Lamborghini Urus SE, the first plug-in hybrid variant of the famous sports SUV. After two years of development and testing, going from over 300 km/h at the Nardò circuit to -30°C in the Arctic Circle, Pirelli introduced the 21‘, 22', 23‘ P Zero tyres and the 22' Scorpion Winter 2, all designed with Elect technology. This enhances the characteristics of electrified cars, improving energy efficiency and performance through reduced rolling resistance, as well as providing adequate support for the weight of the battery pack and reducing rolling noise.

Three P Zero for different needs

The Pirelli P Zero range for the Lamborghini Urus SE includes three sizes, each designed to meet specific needs:

21 Inches: designed to emphasise riding pleasure, offering an optimal combination of comfort and stability;

22 Inches: ideal for a balanced ride, combining sporty performance and comfort;

23 Inches: designed for those seeking maximum performance, making it a sporty and precise ride, ideal for both track and everyday use.

Thanks to profiles and materials developed to withstand the high forces generated by the car, these tyres minimise overheating and abrasion, allowing extreme manoeuvres such as drifting. In addition, the compound is less sensitive to temperature changes, ensuring reliability in a wide range of weather conditions, even in the rain.

Scorpion Winter 2: winter performance

The new Scorpion Winter 2, specifically designed for SUVs, offers excellent safety and performance during the cold months. The 3D tread structure, with sipes that zig-zag as they wear, ensures traction and grip on snow and ice throughout the life of the tyre. The Arctic Circle-tested compound is designed to maintain high flexibility even at low temperatures, ensuring grip and control on slippery surfaces.

Full range for every season and condition

The new P Zero and Scorpion Winter 2 tyres join an already rich range of Pirelli solutions for previous versions of the Urus. These include:

P Zero: available in sizes 21‘, 22', 23' for summer driving

P Zero Corsa: in size 22", ideal for extremely sporty driving

Scorpion Zero All Season: available in 22", suitable for all seasons

Scorpion Winter: available in 21‘ and 22' for winter conditions

Scorpion Ice Zero 2: 21' studded tyre for extreme ice situations

Also particularly interesting is the adaptation of the P Zero Trofeo R for the Lamborghini Urus Performante. This semi-slick tyre, designed for the track but homologated for road use, enabled the Urus Performante to set a new category record on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2022.

The partnership between Pirelli and Lamborghini has led to a significant advancement in tyre technology for high-performance SUVs and plug-in hybrid technology. The collaboration, which has seen the two brands engaged in extreme testing and advanced technological development, has resulted in tyres capable of supporting the high performance of the Lamborghini Urus SE, while ensuring safety, comfort and energy efficiency in all weather and road conditions.