A new P Zero for the Ferrari Enzo

Keeping timeless jewellery safe and efficient on the road: this is the aim of the new Collezione tyre range

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There are bonds that last over time. One of these is the one between Pirelli and Ferrari: two Italian excellences that have been together for over seventy years with a common passion for performance and driving pleasure. The latest product of this collaboration is the P Zero Corsa System for the Ferrari Enzo, the "extreme sports car" of 2002. This tyre becomes part of the Pirelli Collezione range, the line of tyres that equips the most iconic classic and young-timer cars in history, and goes to enrich the Pirelli catalogue for classic Ferraris: in fact, two other P Zero tyres are already available for two other historic supercars of the Maranello company: the Ferrari F40 and F50.


For the Ferrari Enzo, the extreme sports car that dates from 2002, Pirelli has created a new P Zero Corsa System in 245/35 R19 size for the front and 345/35 R19 size for the rear. Like all tyres in the Collezione range, this product has an identical appearance to the original but is made with modern materials and technologies. Designed in the early 2000s to be the sportiest of the road range, it has a specific structure that gives it maximum stability at high speeds and when cornering, allowing it to also be used on the track. The two different tread designs, directional for the front and asymmetric for the rear, also reduce the phenomenon of aquaplaning. The new tyre was tested using Ferrari test drivers, who rediscovered the same sporty character of the time, now combined with greater safety and reliability thanks to the use of the most up-to-date compounds.

The P Zero Corsa System tyres from the Collezione range are also available, in 245/35 R18 size for the front and 335/30 R18 at the rear  for the Ferrari F50, described at the time as the road car closest to a Formula 1 racer that Maranello had ever built.


The ancestor of the F50 and the Enzo was the Ferrari F40, the first mass-produced car to use Pirelli P Zero as original equipment in 1987. Developed specifically for the car, this tyre brought in some important innovations: a rim size of 17 inches, unprecedented for a road car, different sizes on front and rear and technology dedicated to a car with a maximum speed of over 300kph. Now a version of the P Zero dedicated to the F40 is available in the Pirelli Collezione range in  245/40 R17 size for the front and 335/35 R17 at the rear. Among the main innovations of this version is the lettering on the side of the tyre which recalls the original script.


From the Ferrari F40 to the latest generation supercars, the P Zero range has been a constant. It tells a story of innovation and technology that is linked to the most prestigious and extreme cars of the last four decades and to motorsport, starting with Formula 1: an open-air technology transfer laboratory from track to road. Over time, the range has evolved according to the needs of the automotive market, which has become increasingly interested in performance, safety, and sustainability: now including electric mobility. Pirelli's Elect marking, denoting tyres made specifically for electrified cars, made its debut on a P Zero in 2019.

The family has recently been renewed with three new models presented at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed: the P Zero E, P Zero R and P Zero Trofeo RS. All of these tyres were developed with Pirelli's "Eco-Safety Design" approach: a methodology that uses innovative materials as well as tools that include virtualisation, derived from the company's experience in motorsport.