Countach, at the wheel of a dream

The Lamborghini Countach LP500, the prototype which never saw the light of day, seen through the eyes of those who dreamt about it

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He has one of the world's largest car collections. He won't hazard an exact number, he just says “a great many”, with a twinkle in his eye that conveys all his love for them. “For me, there has always been one thing in my life: cars, cars and more cars” he says. “My only goal was to earn some money to allow myself a machine one day.” That dream come true and his collection become more numerous every day, up to the most recent jewel: the Lamborghini Countach LP500 from 1971, with Pirelli tyres.


The car's shakedown, which meticulously reproduces the original prototype, happened at Pirelli's test track, Vizzola Ticino. The iconic yellow streaks of the LP500 shine against the contrasting grey surface as the collector puts it through its paces. “Inside it felt like being in a child's dream, like something I had dreamed when still very young” he says. “The smell, the noises, the exhaust…it was like going back to the dreams I had 50 years ago. I've always wanted this car, because it was the first Countach, the one with the purest lines.”

If those dreams have come true, it's thanks to Pirelli and Lamborghini, who put in over 25,000 hours of meticulous work to perfectly recreate both the car and the tyres, the Pirelli Cinturato CN12. “An absolutely fantastic restoration was done,” points out the delighted owner. “The Pirelli Foundation archive is exceptional, full of documents with detailed information that allow you to revive tires from past eras".


The rebuilt car made its debut at the beginning of October at the famed Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance. And what was the public's reaction to the sight of such a legendary car? Amazement, as the owner was delighted to note for himself. “In addition to the car itself, many people looked at and photographed the Pirelli tyres and rims. In addition, the yellow Cinturato lettering on the side of the tyres makes everything more special; perfectly matching the colour of the car. Now, this car is going to stay with Lamborghini for a while, then we'll see what the next adventure has in store.”


The collaboration between Pirelli and Lamborghini dates all the way back to the Italian car company's inception in 1963. It's a partnership steeped in history; so much so that “a Lamborghini without Pirelli tyres is more or less unthinkable” comments the owner.  And it's not just Pirelli that goes back a long way with Lamborghini: the collector himself also has long-standing roots with the Sant'Agata Bolognese firm. What has always stood out to him is the avant-garde that's synonymous with Lamborghini, combined with special colours: “It's incredible how Lamborghini has always maintained a coherent design language,” he explains. “When I drive this car, everyone sees straight away that it's a Lamborghini."

His love for Lamborghini is all-encompassing: Marzal, Bravo, Miura are just some of the other models – all on Pirelli tyres – which make up his collection. But despite the large number of cars he already owns, the emotion with which he admires his new Countach is palpable. His dreams have finally taken shape, even if you never stop dreaming.