An exhilarating journey with McLaren

Any journey out on the road can be an incredible experience full of surprise, wonder and curiosities. Discover how supercar maker McLaren Automotive brings to life a truly enhanced and immersive drive, both on the road and the race track

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McLaren's fruitful partnership with Pirelli has grown over the years to deliver the perfect harmony between car and tyre, providing driving precision, pleasure and performance.

The true racing spirit of any McLaren partners well with the joy of uncovering new locations and hidden gems out on the road – with Pirelli as the perfect travel companion to do so, always with top performance and safety.

An exhilarating journey with McLaren 01
An exhilarating journey with McLaren 01


Here comes the best part of Pirelli and McLaren's relationship – they each have a true understanding of the realities and expectations of both the road and racing.

With the two worlds colliding at Brands Hatch for the British GT Championship in September, McLaren's 765LT Spider and its racing counterpart, the McLaren 720S GT3, went head-to-head in the pit lane.


Brands Hatch is one of the world's most iconic sporting venues, located in rural Kent, England. Playing host to some of motorsport's most prestigious events on two and four wheels, Pirelli has spent many racing weekends at the iconic venue over the years, in and among the sporting greats.

The British GT Championship, arguably the UK's most thrilling car racing series, sees race-prepared supercars battling it out on track to reach the top. This intense championship grips motorsport fans and automotive enthusiasts alike, and what better opportunity for Pirelli to tie in its vast motorsport history than as sole tyre supplier to British GT.

Pirelli has the fantastic agility to truly complement life on the road and at the race track, equipping both the 765LT Spider as soon as it leaves production from McLaren, to providing the very best tyres for each and every British GT race. Everyone is a winner with Pirelli.

An exhilarating journey with McLaren 02
An exhilarating journey with McLaren 02


With only 765 ever made, you could say the 765LT Spider is quite the exclusive vehicle. Pirelli equips the super-lightweight 10-spoke alloy wheels with custom-made Pirelli P Zero™ Trofeo R tyres – an innovative ultra-low profile track tyre to deliver even greater performance.

The long-standing bond between McLaren and Pirelli continues to this day, from the very heart of the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, England, to seeing each vehicle out on the roads complete with its Pirelli tyres. These tyres are bespoke for each model, having been specifically designed for each and every car, but most importantly all containing the ‘MC' marking on the tyre sidewall.