A parade of Porsches heads to Pennsylvania

Pirelli and Porsche Club of America are back together once again to celebrate their shared passion at the 66th edition of the Porsche Parade

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This year the wonderful Kalahari Resorts Poconos, in Pennsylvania, will host the 66th Porsche Parade organized by the Porsche Club of America from June 12 to 18.

Pirelli will once again be supporting the Porsche Club of America's annual parade by sponsoring the Welcome Party that kicks off the week's festivities.

A parade of Porsches heads to Pennsylvania
A parade of Porsches heads to Pennsylvania

This event is more than a simple parade. It's one of the most important Porsche meetings in North America and each year, for an entire week, one city is chosen as the Porsche Parade's 'capital'. The event is on the “bucket list” of thousands of owners of both classic and modern Porsches who wish to celebrate and share their passion for the brand. The ‘parade' name has been in around since August 1956, when 64 Porsche owners first decided to hold an informal meeting at a Washington DC motel, to talk about their cars and exchange advice, and to get there, they drove through the city in convoy and so the name ‘parade' somehow stuck. What's changed since that August informal gathering is the sheer numbers of attendees and activities now associated with the event.

Pirelli is the most enduring sponsor of the event: a constant presence as the years have gone by. And it is not a coincidence.

Since 1982, Pirelli has developed and produced iconic tires, tailor-made for Porsches and their needs on the road. From the famous P Zeros to Scorpions, the tires that have carried Porsches for more than 35 years will be on display for Porsche Club members to learn about and appreciate.

And for classic car lovers? There's the Pirelli Collezione, which combines vintage looks with modern technology.

Every Porsche has its own dedicated Pirelli tire, ready for any type of ‘parade' that the world throws at it.