Pirelli doubles on electric and hybrid plug-in cars

More than 250 Elect tyres approved for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles worldwide by main carmakers

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Electric and plug-in vehicles are increasingly being seen in cities. A market segment in constant growth and which has seen Pirelli double the homologation portfolio for the main car manufacturers in the last year, surpassing the 250 total homologations on green cars. This result confirms the acceleration of the market towards electrified mobility but also how carmakers find Pirelli Elect tyres to have the most suitable characteristics for their electric vehicles. Such as the Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept, exhibited in the Pirelli stand at the "Tire Cologne" fair currently underway, which fits tyres with technology for electrified cars. Premises that lead Pirelli to estimate that it will reach already in 2022, three years ahead of schedule, its target for market share in high end EVs of around 1.5 times that of Premium/Prestige internal combustion vehicles.

Pirelli doubles on electric and hybrid plug-in cars
Pirelli doubles on electric and hybrid plug-in cars


To meet the technical specifications required by plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles, the development of Elect tyres took into consideration the following particular characteristics:

1. Low consumption. The rolling resistance of electric vehicle tyres must be as low as possible, in order to ensure the lowest energy consumption. Pirelli tyres with Elect technology optimise battery life thanks to their low rolling resistance.

2. Instant torque. Compared to conventional internal combustion engines, electric vehicles transmit immediate torque to the wheels. To transfer this power onto the tyres without excessive wear, Elect tyres have a specific compound that delivers immediate grip.

3. Weight. The weight of the batteries means that electric vehicles have a unique vertical weight distribution. This places considerable stresses on the tyres during all phases of driving. Elect tyres are specially developed to support this weight thanks to an optimal combination of materials, layout, design and correct deformation of the structure enhancing the control of the performance of the vehicle.

4. Noise. These vehicles are silent. So the tyres have to complement this attribute to enhance driving comfort. Elect tyres have an optimized tread pattern and structure design to minimise noise when driving along, helping electric cars to move silently.