IM Motors is betting on Pirelli for the l7 electric saloon

The P Zero provides the ideal combination of smooth driving and superior performance in the Chinese manufacturer's electric flagship

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The intent of the new IM L7 is stated as being: "Born for Extreme Driving Control". It is no coincidence that the innovative Chinese brand IM Motors turned to Pirelli for the original equipment of its luxury full-electric saloon, produced in China for the local market. Stylish and aerodynamic to look at, the L7 is above all amazing to drive.

Smooth driving

Defined by the manufacturer as the “New World Driving Flagship”, the L7 offers an innovative driving experience that sets the standard for high-end smart and electric vehicles. The dynamic response both on the move and on the brakes and the stability of handling make for smooth and sinuous driving, to the point of bringing to mind the movements of a snake. In addition, the IM L7 implements leading four-wheel drive technology in the electrical segment and working together with WAE (Williams Advanced Engineering) has made it possible to achieve the world's best electric car chassis hardware.

Pirelli and IM Motors

Thanks to the close collaboration with IM engineers, Pirelli was able to analyse the specific needs of the car, which was equipped with P Zero tyres designed to enhance its characteristics. The compound and tread pattern of these tyres accentuate the excellent handling of the car, ensuring outstanding grip and performance both in dry and wet conditions. 

Another strong point of this model is comfort. Here, too, the P Zero plays its part thanks to the low rolling resistance and low noise emission. Last but by no means least comes safety: the superior performance levels of the L7, powered by a 425kW double electric motor, is kept under control by the P Zero's ability to provide stability even at high speeds.

Technology inside the P Zero

The P Zero tyres fitted to the IM L7 are equipped with various technologies developed by Pirelli for the tyres of the most demanding cars: the ELECT™ technology, specific for high-performance plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles, maximises tyre grip, battery life and driving comfort, while PNCS™ technology aims to reduce noise and improve comfort with a noise-absorbing device located on the tyre's inner wall.