Pirelli's Yanzhou factory at the top for sustainability in China

The company facility, already nominated a “Green Factory”, has also received “Class A” certification from environmental sustainability from the Shandong government

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Commitment to waste recovery, use of low carbon emissions energy and reduction of specific water drawing. These factors enabled Pirelli's Yanzhou plant to receive “Classe A” certification from the government of Shandong.

Based on internal audits and independent evaluations in relation to the guidelines for 2020 as defined by the Ministry for the Environment, “Classe A” is the result of the technical and managerial measures that Pirelli was able to implement for the reduction of emissions

Thanks to this certification, Pirelli's Yanzhou site, which in 2020 earned the designation “Green Factory” from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will no longer be subject to production restrictions even in periods when the air quality in the province falls below the alert threshold.

“Sustainability is inside Pirelli's DNA,” Mr. Giuliano Menassi, CEO of Pirelli APAC, said, “achieving this A-level rating verifies the hard work of our employees in Yanzhou plant in China, especially the effort and commitment of HSE both from HQ and local level,  who devoted themselves in environment protection under the global discipline as well as the requirement of local government. We will take further actions in strengthening daily management and implement various pollution control measures, continuous optimization to reduce environmental risk.”