Destination innovation and sustainability

Which technological and sustainable cities should we discover during our travels?

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Travel destinations are always places distinguished by unique and original features; these destinations are able to win visitors over owing to particular aspects that differentiate them from the more touristy, and of course more travelled, routes. These itineraries are often stimulated by research and are considered as veritable examples of innovation and sustainability. Although they are often off the beaten track, these destinations afford breathtaking landscapes and alternative views of the world, aspects which are also considered by the Travel and Tourism Development Index of the World Economic Forum which stresses how sustainability and innovation, particularly within the tourism sector, will in the long run be the factors with which to overcome global challenges.


Modernity and nature, sustainability and technology are the two beautiful sides of the medal of a holiday to Singapore. Its vertical gardens and green structures such as Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay are concrete examples of how futuristic architecture and vegetation can come together. Again following this perspective, there is an Eco-Tourism HUB, where you can take part in ecological experiences and raise awareness of the importance of environmental conversation in an urban context. These locations are also easily accessible to visitors thanks to the particularly efficient public transport services and the shared mobility initiatives to explore in a sustainable way.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Known to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world, Copenhagen offers a holiday in the spirit of green innovation. Its urban landscape winds through a network of well-connected and developed cycle paths, as well as public transport powered by renewable energy. The Nordhavn district remains an unprecedented example of sustainable urban planning thanks to its low-emission buildings and green energy projects. Copenhagen is undoubtedly a tourist opportunity to immerse yourself in Danish culture while discovering urban parks and recycling initiatives that make it a cutting-edge city.

Portland, Oregon

This US city is famous for its commitment to sustainability, and its eco-friendly culture is widely recognised, making it an ideal destination for an environmentally discerning journey. The lively neighborhoods are perfect for exploring on foot or by bike along the 275 kilometres of cycle paths that stretch across the city.  The “green city” par excellence thanks to areas such as construction, transportation, energy, and waste management has become over time a “green” model not only for the United States but at global level.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Its picturesque canals and cycling culture are what first spring to mind, but Amsterdam is also one of the most sustainable destinations in the heart of Europe. As with the previous destinations, it is extremely cycle-friendly, thanks to well-developed paths and historic bridges. In the spirit of an innovative holiday, the NEMO Science Museum is the place to discover the latest technologies in the field of renewable energy and water conservation. An ideal activity is to visit the city's urban parks and botanical gardens, which offer a green corner within the city centre.

Reykjavik, Iceland

This spectacular natural landscape constitutes a unique destination that combines technology and sustainability with Iceland's wild beauty. Reykjavik is the ideal destination to explore on foot along its colourful streets, showcasing urban art and creative city initiatives.  It is the green capital of Iceland, where more than half the cars are electric or hybrid. It is a veritable “smart city” that focuses on technological development to turn it into a climate refuge where more and more people will decide to settle.