A forArt

A forArt

For Pirelli, creativity is a way of going beyond the product and connecting with the wider world. This has happened throughout Pirelli’s history thanks to artists, designers and illustrators including Renato Guttuso, Riccardo Manzi and Bruno Munari, whose works – along with those of many others – are now kept at the Pirelli Foundation. More recently artists including Stefan Glerum, Liza Donnelly, Johanna Goodman and Emiliano Ponzi have contributed artwork for Pirelli’s Annual Reports. Today Pirelli is associated with art and creativity with Pirelli HangarBicocca as a dynamic location for experimentation and research.

I see art as a key that opens the doors of rooms we never thought or even imagined were there. What art does is expand the world, expand our knowledge, in all fields.

Years ago I was asked what the use of art is and I replied that nothing is impossible in the imagination or in art. The only limitation the artist faces is a physical limitation, but art has no limits and this must be our starting point.

Art is an example of innovation, and it can and must inspire us to create and imagine beyond our limits; it’s also an engine in many other disciplines and areas, from engineering to enterprise.

Language needs clarity and the Pirelli slogan is a perfect example Language needs clarity and the Pirelli slogan is a perfect example