Pattern Podcast - Pirelli


Men and women who overcame difficulties and became icons: the stories of people close to Pirell's world who left a mark.

Pattern Podcast - Pirelli

Episode 1 Ronaldo

He’s called "Phenomenon". His legs are legendary, as well as his running abilities. No one can top him. No one can stop his run. No one but the knee injuries he often suffers from; everyone does remember his painful scream during a match between Inter and Lazio, on the 12th of April 2000. Yet this didn’t stop Ronaldo to become the "Phenomenon"

Episode 2 Misty Copeland

Some people are born to dance and are just waiting for that hidden talent to explode. Misty Copeland didn't go to dance classes as a child and she didn't attend the academies you find when you use Google to search for the best school when your daughter tells you she wants to dance. At the age of 13, she sceptically took drill team teacher’s advice to join a ballet class at her local afterschool program. Although Misty started ballet class late, her talent naturally exploded. Four years later, her talent exploded and she, a black dancer, joined the corps de ballet of the American Ballet Theatre, becoming prima ballerina with the company. In 2015, she became a principal dancer with the company. Today she is a symbol of social empowerment and determination.

Episode 3 Carl Lewis

It's 1994 when Carl Lewis agrees to pose for Pirelli wearing read heels while at the starting blocks to run the hundred meters. He already conquered 8 Olympic gold medals, some world record and an impressive reputation that earned him the name of "Son of the Wind". He already won his athlete game. As athlete's son, he became the strongest athlete in the world. He could have rested on his laurels, enjoying money and fame. He gets back in the game instead, agreeing to pose in front of Annie Leibovitz's lens, for an advertising campaing that has been included among the 100 most beautiful campaigns ever. A daring photo, a strong empowerment message, showing the best athlete, the man of the hour, while wearing shoes commonly worn by women.

Episode 4 Spithill

They told him he could never play sports, because of one leg 5 cm shorter than the other. Yet, James Spithill, with passion and commitment in all the disciplines he decides to practice, surprises everyone. Until, when he’s 10, he won his first regatta with a boat in bad condition, in the waters of Elvina Bay. The first in a long series of successes.

Episode 5 Loren

Before Sophia Loren there was Sofia Scicolone, born in Pozzuoli during the Thirties. Her family wasn't rich, but there is no lack of dreams: she found her place at the cinema, where she daydreamed the life she wanted to live. Her willpower, her mother's support, the encounter with Carlo Ponti, a producer, will turn ambitions into reality, making her the most beloved actress in the world.

Episode 6 Cairoli

Motocross, like life sometimes, is almost cruel in its being demanding. It asks everything of you and forgives nothing. It asked Tony Cairoli for even more. His crystalline talent was always clear to his parents, who were the first to show him what commitment and sacrifice mean. But to prove it to the rest of the world, he had to take a steep and uphill road, like on the track. Nine world championships later, Tony's story is what we all need to hear at least once in our lifetime, to return to believing in hope, and perhaps even in ourselves.