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Why Pirelli

Pioneering innovation to stay ahead of the game.
This is the philosophy that has taken Pirelli to the forefront of the industry on a global scale.

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Pirelli's history

Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 and today stands as a global brand known for its cutting-edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian roots.

With over 40 years of experience in the Premium and Prestige segment, Pirelli is a Pure Consumer Tyre Company with a particular focus on the High Value tyre market. Pirelli is constantly engaged in the development of innovative products to address the most specific mobility needs of the final Consumer, such as Specialty and Super Specialty tyres.

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Technological innovation

All of this has grown from a strong commitment to Research and Development based on an “Open Innovation” model. In 2022, Pirelli’s investment in R&D stood at more than 5% of its revenues from High Value products, one of the highest levels among the world’s major tyre producers. Pirelli boasts around 2,000 people engaged in R&D, located at its Milan headquarters and also across 12 local technology centres abroad, and a portfolio of more than 5,900 patents from 690 active patent families. ...Discover more
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People involved in R&D in 11 countries
of high value revenues devoted on average to R&D in the last years
Cooperations with universities
Co-development projects with premium OEMs
Outsourced projects in the fields of materials, software and electronics


Global production and sales structure

To produce the highest-quality products, Pirelli insists on operational excellence along its whole value chain. The Company counts:
  • 18 factories located in 12 countries.
  • Production capacity in 2022 of 74 million car tyres.
  • Points of sale in over 160 countries (around 20,000 in 2022), an extensive and growing sales network that brings Pirelli even closer to its customers.
Regions, including Headquarters and global Centre of Excellence in R&D in Milan
factories in 12 countries
Point of sales in + 160 countries

Range of products

The company’s product range consists of innovative tyres for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles due to the solid partnerships with the most prestigious manufacturers. These collaborations allow Pirelli to develop tyres, depending on the model, which are tailor made to satisfy the specific needs of the most sophisticated consumers.