The Tyre with a Mechanic Inside

Seal Inside technology enables drivers to keep on driving safely even after a puncture

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The Tyre with a Mechanic Inside

Every day, drivers around the world face a great many dangers on the road, including the ever-present risk of a tyre puncture. Because of this, Pirelli has developed a technology, Seal Inside, that enables you to keep on driving without having to stop and change your tyre in the event of a puncture.

This Seal Inside system maintains your tyre’s air pressure after a puncture by objects of up to four millimetres in diameter. A special sealant within the tyre forms a seal around this intruder as soon as it penetrates the rubber, thereby preventing a loss of air and, consequently, tyre pressure, and when the object is removed, the sealant closes up the hole. The sealant, in turn, is protected by an exclusive film so that it’s not damaged when mounting the tyre onto the rim. 

The safety provided by this technology is twofold. The Seal Inside system prevents the loss of air and of tyre pressure, thereby maintaining tyre performance and enabling the driver to control the vehicle just as if nothing had happened. In addition, there is no need for the driver to stop the car and change the tyre under unsafe conditions, on the side of the road, in the rain, or at night, which puts the driver at risk of not being seen by other oncoming traffic. 

The efficiency of the repair by the Seal Inside system is so great that, in many cases, the driver doesn’t even notice the puncture at all. For this reason, Pirelli recommends checking your tyres regularly for foreign objects or repaired punctures, so that an experienced mechanic can assess the extent of the damage and make more permanent repairs.

Seal Inside technology is a great benefit for drivers in terms of both greater safety and ease of mind. Indeed, approximately 85% of all accidental causes of a loss in tyre pressure is due to punctures by foreign objects. In addition, this technology can be used on any type of vehicle and doesn’t require special rims or pressure-monitoring systems.

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The range of Pirelli tyres that feature Seal Inside technology is growing all the time and is now specifically found in many OEM fittings of the Cinturato P7 line and in the leading sizes of the innovative Cinturato AllSeason.

But this isn’t the only technology that Pirelli offers in order to keep your vehicle on the road. For years, Pirelli has also produced run-flat tyres which feature special shoulder ribs that are able to keep a vehicle on the road for roughly 80 kilometres at reduced speed even when a tyre has lost air pressure. These two technologies complement each other in that they are suited to different types of vehicles and tyres, and together they offer two valid, effective solutions to the age-old problem of punctures.

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