How Pirelli makes a classic collectible car tyre

How is the Pirelli Collection tyre produced? 

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How Pirelli makes a classic collectible car tyre

Besides historical research and the previously mentioned lengthy “cultural” process that directly involves the Pirelli Foundation, technology plays a pivotal role. This is a must of 'P lunga' production systems that plays the protagonist in this effort to ensure the utmost safety and roadholding for vehicles designed decades ago, without radically altering their original dynamic features.

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To cite Pirelli engineers, “During the development process of tyres for classic cars, we used the same parameters adopted by the designers of the vehicle to maintain the car's suspension system and original mechanics. The outcome is performance, style and authenticity. To design them they relied upon images provided by the Pirelli Foundation, and were produced using similar techniques as those used in making racing tyres”.

It could be considered a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde solution because the outside appearance of a period tyre conceals a cutting edge technological product. Indeed, the tread compound maintains the same performance characteristics as the original model but it conforms to the latest environmental standards because it is free of aromatic oils. And to fully understand the refinement of these tyres, suffice it to say that the markings faithfully reproduce those of the original product. The naked eye could never distinguish the period model from an ultra modern one. We did not use the term 'naked eye' at random. There is a world under the Pirelli Collection's skin. For instance, the texture of the compound has been specifically studied to optimise the tread and the integrity of the belt. The belt is, instead, made of zero degree nylon, and applied with the spiral technique like a single cable, using the current UHP technological process. Perhaps the description is too detailed, but we are in the Hi-Tech world, which dictates its own language. 

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Considering the secrets of these Pirelli Collection tyres once again, the belts are of highly elastic next generation steel, and the filling makes use of the so-called high module compound to ensure excellent performance standards. Furthermore, the dual layer construction of the carcass is the same as the original one but the use of high performance nylon coming from motorsports competition changes the “music” with an impressive improvement in terms of performance.

The same can be said for the geometry of the metal heel, which is identical to the original one, but the innovative use of exceptionally elastic steel wire reveals quite another world. As a result, shoulder stiffness is gradually reduced, and the original performance and comfort are ensured. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde without question…

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