Classic collectible cars and the tyres they ride on

The only way to maintain (and increase) the value of classic cars is to preserve their original features. This begins with the tyres

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Classic collectible cars and the tyres they ride on

The question most often addressed to a classic car collector is always the same, “How many cars do you have”? The answers are always rather vague. However, the owner of the gigantic (private) Louwman Museum gave the most interesting response, when he said, “I have half the number of cars I would like to own”. The passion for classic cars, their details and history is deep and endless. And today, as Corrado Lopresto, a master of restoration, explains, “Exceptional care for details and preservation of the original condition is the key to everything.”

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Hence, extensive research, compliance with historical traits and a detailed reconstruction of each car's history is the secret of creating something unique.

This is the “cultural” spirit that inspired the “Pirelli Collection”, the special department that “fits” original tyres to various models of classic cars. 

Pirelli technicians emphasize, “It is crucial to have tyres whose aesthetic features are appropriate for classic cars because originality is a value that must be preserved at all costs”. The Pirelli Foundation played a key role in this path of compliance with historical characteristics. The images and extensive documents stored in its archive, also including period technical drawings, were decisive in the creation of a unique tyre range for period cars. We are speaking about something truly unique because Pirelli's Historical Archive has preserved documents on the company's history and business from its foundation in 1872 to the present day. Over 3.5 linear km of photographs, drawings, posters, documents, audiovisuals and publications, including the “Pirelli” magazine that was published between 1948 and 1972…

A pearl of the “Pirelli Collection” is undoubtedly the special tyre that was produced for the 250 GTO, the Holy Grail of Ferrari cars, the 40 million dollar Red that the whole world is crazy about.. The tyre “Stelvio Corsa” was created for it with a period look,  using cutting edge technologies and recovering the historical “P lunga” trademark only for this tyre, with Ferrari's approval. 

The sizes for 250 GTO are 215/70 R15 98W on the front and 225/70 R15 100W at the rear. No other size is available, and no other car can be fitted with Pirelli Stelvio Corsa. Ferrari 250 GTO is the only one.

However, Stelvio Corsa is not alone. The Pirelli Collection is practically endless, and all can be "fitted" with the wheel rims of legendary cars produced from 1950 to 1980.

Hence, Stelvio Corsa ranks alongside the famous Cinturato produced in the mid-’50s with a wrap-around radial structure with cross belting. The stabilising function of the “belt” prevented tyre deformation in all conditions of use. Adherence has been considerably increased and better rolling has reduced the amount of wear by more than 50%, compared to the cross-ply tyre.

Then we find Cinturato P7, tested in World Rally Championships starting from 1974 with the Lancia Stratos, and also the Cinturato P5, designed at the express request of Jaguar. All tyres can be found in the price list.

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