Five million times Diablo, the fourth generation is here

The number of tyres made since 2008 is on route to growing with the arrival of the Diablo Rosso IV

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Record-breaking figures for the Pirelli Diablo Rosso. Since it was introduced in 2008, the model has reached the milestone of more than five million units sold worldwide and numbers like these are an excellent premise for the launch of the fourth generation of the family with the Diablo Rosso IV.

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The new tyre is positioned in the high-performance supersport range for road use offering high mileage and better grip on both dry and wet tarmac. Designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding motorcyclists, Diablo Rosso IV is engineered for the riders of supersport or hypernaked and crossover bikes who are looking for more dynamic riding pleasure with high grip in every phase and on different types of asphalt, precise handlebar response and always effective control of their machines.


The main innovation of the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV is the selective use of various technical solutions within the range. Each size is specifically designed to match the features and needs of the target motorcycle based on weight and power.

Different compounds for different objectives

Two distinct compounds are used for the front tyre tread, which is divided into three areas with the harder compound in the central band and the softer compound on the sides. Both have a high silica content for excellent grip even at cooler temperatures. The rear types with sizes up to 190/50 ZR 17 are bi-compound and arranged according to a Cap & Base layout with the harder compound in the central band and the softer one on the sides. The latter, made specifically for Diablo Rosso IV, allows a quicker warm-up and top-notch versatility of use.

Even more specialist sizes above 190/55 ZR 17 are available. Five zones and three different compounds with the harder central compound for stability, even wear and mileage and the softer intermediate compound for better grip in wet and dry conditions. The compound of the shoulders is the one-of-a-kind 100% Carbon Black carried over from the Diablo Supercorsa SC compounds. Benefits include cornering support and thrust boost.

A new tread for an even sportier ride

One of the new features is the improved flash tread pattern, now suited for sportier driving styles. The side tails surrounding the central pattern and at the first lean angles ensure the exact tyre conformation and excellent water draining for safe performance even on wet roads. The void-to-full ratio was modified on both the front and rear tyres, also to promote more even wear, which in turn provides greater high-speed stability.

An innovative structure

Derived from racing experience, the new structure with a zero-degree steel belt is suitable for withstanding stresses of various nature while ensuring the same driving comfort. Rigid Rayon cords are used for the structure of the front and rear tyres for sizes up to 190/50 ZR 17 while the rear tyres of size 190/55ZR17 and larger feature an innovative three-filament Lyocell carcass providing more strength for cornering and accelerating. The combination of the two structures means more control for the rider.

Racing profiles

The design of the profiles of the Diablo Rosso IV benefits from Pirelli's experience in the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship. In these tyres, the technologies of the Diablo Superbike range are applied to a supersport model for road use. All with a simple goal: to optimise tyre control.