Three new P Zero on the Goodwood stage

Pirelli has launched three new tyres at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the Italian firm is Exclusive Tyre Partner

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Since 1986 the P Zero family means sportiveness and safety. Today evolves following the requests of both manufacturers and consumers, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and efficiency. P Zero E, P Zero R and P Zero Trofeo RS: these are the three new products presented on the Pirelli stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a space that truly reflected the pioneering spirit of Pirelli. The development approach is called “Eco-Safety Design”: it uses innovative methods and materials, including all the virtualisation technology handed down from Pirelli's experience in motorsport.


This new tyre has obtained a triple A rating in every size on all parameters measured by the European tyre label – rolling resistance, wet braking, and noise – while more than 55% of its materials come from either natural or recycled materials*, verified by the independent Bureau Veritas agency. Furthermore, an analysis of the tyre's entire lifecycle, carried out by Pirelli and validated by Bureau Veritas, shows a 24% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a previous-generation Pirelli tyre**. These results have never been seen before in the UHP tyre market. The P Zero E additionally offers Pirelli's new RunForward technology, which allows drivers to continue at a maximum speed of 80kph for around 40 kilometres after a puncture.



Presented at Goodwood also the Pirelli P Zero R, a tyre for the most powerful supercars that's also adapted for everyday use. This new product takes full advantage of the close collaboration between Pirelli and the world's most prestigious carmakers, for whom the Italian firm supplies tyres that have been specifically developed for each individual model, with characteristics that match the current market requirements.  For the P Zero R, Pirelli's engineers worked on providing the tyre with progressive behaviour as well as outright performance, not to mention driving control in both wet and dry conditions, better rolling resistance, less road noise, and increased consistency during sports driving.



The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS instead represents the top of the range when it comes to on-track performance. It's a semi-slick tyre homologated for road use, mainly intended as original equipment for hypercars, with bespoke versions developed for each car. The P Zero Trofeo RS represents another step forward when it comes to on-track performance, with more consistent delivery and increased safety in the wet compared to the previous generation.


The Pirelli P Zero family has been expanded with these three new tyres; reinforcing its traditional links to the most prestigious cars on the market, thanks to high performance and customisation that meets the needs of both manufacturers and end users. The P Zero brand was born in 1986 to fit the Group B Lancia Delta S4 that competed in world rallying, before equipping the Ferrari F40 the following year: the world's first hypercar. These three new products now add to a wide range that is capable of responding to all the different needs of the world's sportiest cars, throughout every season. In addition to the road-going P Zero, the brand name also identified the high performance tyres used in Formula 1, the World Rally Championship, and GT racing.


* Thanks to a combination of physical segregation and mass balance approach. Depending on tyre size, bio-based and recycled content ranges between 29-31% and 25-27% respectively. Bio-based materials are natural rubber, textile reinforcements, bio-chemicals, bio-resins and lignin, while recycled materials are metallic reinforcements, chemicals and - through mass balance - synthetic rubber, silica and carbon black. According to ISO 14021.

** Size 235/45R18 (IP 42865) vs. same size of previous generation product (PZ4 IP 27429) according to ISO 14067 and ISO 14026 verified by BV.