Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS, the new semi slick born on the track

From the experience of over a century in motor sport, Pirelli has created the P Zero Trofeo RS for road-going hyper cars that aim for maximum performance between the curbs. Always safe

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For Pirelli, the track has always been the ideal habitat for testing and developing products, also intended for the road, in extreme conditions. The latest born under the banner of "From Race to Road" is the new semi-slick P Zero Trofeo RS, the sportiest tire in the road range. Developed for the original equipment of supercars and hypercars, it offers performance between curbs and safety on the road. The first car manufacturer to request a specific version of the new tyre was Pagani Automobili for the Utopia, the new hypercar from the Modena workshop.



What changes are there from the P Zero Trofeo R

There are several elements that distinguish the P Zero Trofeo RS from its predecessor. For example, market positioning. If the P Zero Trofeo R is used as a spare part to increase the performance of your car on the track, the new model is aimed in particular at original equipment, offering car manufacturers the possibility of supplying ready-made vehicles for a sporty driving experience.

The new generation of Pirelli semi-slick is also even more performing on dry surfaces and offers better consistency of performance: in fact, even in the most intense use, performance is maintained for longer, so as to offer speed and safety for several sessions in circuit, a result achieved thanks to Pirelli's over 100 years of experience in the top categories of motorsport. The materials developed, including the tread compound in particular, put this know-how to good use by adapting it to road riding and amateur track riding. Being a tyre approved for road circulation and developed for the original equipment of supercars and hypercars, Pirelli engineers also concentrated on offering safety in wet asphalt conditions.



The tyre with technologies on demand

The presence in Motorsport has also made possible the development of some innovative technologies for the P Zero Trofeo RS and available in an on demand catalogue. Among these the Multi-compound tread allows you to customize the tyre to enhance the characteristics of each car by combining different tread compounds from the Pirelli Prestige catalogue. In the case of the Pagani Utopia, the request was made for a set of P Zero Trofeo RS capable of increasing performance in sportier driving, compared to the original equipment P Zero Corsa, but without compromising the balance of the car and the feeling experienced by the driver. Another innovative element available to the Pirelli engineers is the Virtual Geometry Development which allows, thanks to virtual models, to experiment with countless profiles and shapes of the footprint on the ground so as to define with the utmost precision the response of the tyre to the driver's needs. In the case of the Pagani Utopia, the 3D development process was used extensively, before taking the first prototypes to the track. Specifically, we worked on optimizing the footprint to offer more grip and control.

The new Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS is already available for cars that adopt it as original equipment, and in the future it will also arrive on the after-market with a wide range.