Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2: the problem-solving tyre

Safe, super-silent and driver-friendly

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Is there a tyre capable of solving some of the problems that many drivers face?

Yes, and it's called the Cinturato All Season SF2. It provides year-round safety, allows you to travel always in keeping with winter regulations, has a low environmental footprint and offers anti-puncture technologies for even more peace of mind on your journeys, while also improving your driving experience.

What's the secret? The adaptive tread, consisting of a compound and tread pattern that adapt to both high and low temperatures, providing greater driving safety and versatility of use. Combined with Pirelli Seal Inside and RunFlat technologies, this tyre guarantees greater safety in the event of a puncture and is also available in the Elect version for electric cars and hybrid plug-ins.

So it's the ideal solution for all driving conditions, achieving the goal of Pirelli's new technology. Travelling safely and with peace of mind is even possible when poor weather catches you by surprise.

Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2: the problem-solving tyre 01
Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2: the problem-solving tyre 01


Safety in every season

It doesn't matter whether it's sunny, raining or snowing: with the Cinturato All Season SF2, every journey you make is safe. The tyre was designed to cope with different weather conditions; in particular, the 3 PMSF Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol on the shoulder of the tyre indicates outstanding certified performance even in winter, ensuring total road control. Compared to the previous Cinturato All Season Plus, the braking distance on snow, dry and wet road surfaces has been reduced by - 1m, -3.5m and -2m respectively. If there is snow on the road, the tread sipes on the new tyre remain open to collect the snow, allowing for better grip thanks to the friction generated by the contact of snow on snow; vice-versa, on a dry or wet surface the sipes close up to guarantee more grip on the ground for safer driving.

Reduced consumption and noise levels

Travelling with this new tyre means increased efficiency and lower fuel consumption. This result is down to the latest-generation adaptive compound which ensures low rolling resistance, a consequent reduction in fuel consumption, and an increase in the range of electric vehicles in the case of Elect tyres.

This technology makes the Cinturato All Season SF2 the quietest tyre in its category; thanks to the combination of compound and design, the noise emitted has been minimised, thereby generating benefits in terms of environmental sustainability. For electric cars, the noise level has also improved inside the passenger compartment, for those who want to enjoy driving in peace.

Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2: the problem-solving tyre 02
Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2: the problem-solving tyre 02

Even more miles to travel

Covering more miles safely is possible when you pick the right tyre. The new tyre's excellent handling and uniform tyre tread on the ground ensure a longer service life and better performance, increasing the mileage by 50% compared to the previous model. This result was achieved by modifying the compound and the stiffness of the tread.

Getting a flat tyre is no longer an issue

The tyre continues to travel even in the event of a puncture. To enhance driver safety, the Cinturato All Season SF2 is available in some sizes with Seal Inside technology, allowing you to continue driving without air escaping from the punctured tyre. In the event of pressure loss, with the Run Flat option, the car remains stable as it travels with a maximum speed of 80 km/h for a distance of 80 km, giving you the chance to reach your tyre specialist safely. What's more, in Italy and in certain European countries, the new Cinturato All Season SF2 is also available with a one-year guarantee, which protects your journeys and your tyres in the event of accidental damage.