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New Lamborghini Essenza. No limits.

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No doubt about it: this is a real brute of a car. Because it will provide you with real and powerful emotions – unfiltered and uncompromised. There's a huge weight of expectation resting on the Essenza SCV12, the new hypercar from Lamborghini, which will be built as a limited edition of just 40 examples for use on the race track only. Even defining it as ‘extreme' is an understatement. Unfettered by the need to make it road legal, Lamborghini's motorsport engineers – the architects of this particular car – have been able to give free rein to their imagination. But in opting for the latest in modern technology, they haven't sacrificed heritage. The elegant and clean cut lines are a nod to the prototypes of the 1970s, yet it's still unmistakeably a contemporary Lamborghini. The interior is lightweight and futuristic, just like something you'd find in a racing car. The steering wheel has a display screen and plenty of switches, adding up to an overall look that's straight out of Le Mans.


From the track to the road – and back

The aerodynamics of the Essenza SCV12 have been honed by Lamborghini's race team, the famous ‘Squadra Corse', using experience gained from the top levels of GT racing. The result is aerodynamic efficiency and downforce that is actually superior to a GT3 car. The bonnet incorporates a double air intake with a prominent central rib, as also seen on the racing version of the Huracán. This separates the hot air coming from the radiators and channels cold air towards the air scoop in the centre of the roof, force-feeding the V12. The front of the car also features a massive splitter, and there's an even bigger diffuser at the back. There's been a huge focus on aerodynamics in every area, helping it pierce the horizon as quickly and cleanly as possible. Finally, you get a fully-adjustable carbon rear wing in order to play with different set-ups. This car positively oozes racing DNA.


Record power

By using a normally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12, Lamborghini has stuck with a tried and tested formula. This epic powerplant puts out an astonishing 830 horsepower, matched to a six-speed gearbox derived from the Huracán Super Trofeo Evo. Most importantly of all, it's rear-wheel drive. The overall weight for this track day monster hasn't yet been revealed, but it's going to be light, as the car's tub is just a carbon-fibre monocoque: exactly like a Formula 1 car. In fact, even the specific type of carbon fibre has been specially developed for the Essenza SCV12. And that's not the only bespoke item: this Lamborghini's slick tyres have been tailor-made by Pirelli, on 19-inch magnesium rims at the front and 20-inch rims at the rear.


A highly exclusive club

The SCV12 – which stands for Squadra Corse V12 – constitutes not only the most ambitious project from Lamborghini's motorsport department to date, but also pays homage to a long line of tuned road cars destined for racing, such as the Miura Jota and Diablo GTR. Yet this one is a charging bull like no other. The lucky customers who buy Lamborghini's new hypercar will become members of an extremely exclusive club, which is set to host dedicated driving programmes on the most prestigious racetracks in the world. When owners aren't driving their cars, they can store them in Lamborghini's own facility in Sant'Agata, with a dedicated webcam allowing them to view their beautiful thoroughbreds whenever they like. And when it comes to driving, these owners can also benefit from an exceptional instructor: Emanuele Pirro, a five-time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours, who will be on hand to teach them a thing or two. Put simply, the Essenza is a car for drivers who want everything. As quickly as possible.