Pirelli presents the Triathlon R:01 at the Essen show: a tyre with high versatility and durability

The triathlon tr:01 ring also makes its debut, extending the range of Novateck cold retreaded tyres. The php 710/70r38 is exhibited, marking Pirelli's return to the agricultural sector in Europe 

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Pirelli Industrial has chosen Reifen, the 2016 tyre show in Essen, to exclusively launch the R:01 Triathlon, the new range of regional tyres for the European truck market. Another newcomer is the TR:01 Triathlon Novateck, Pirelli's cold retreaded tyre for trucks.

The key characteristics of the regional R:01 Triathlon series, an advanced technological evolution of the existing R:01 II, are increased mileage, low rolling resistance, and high levels of safety and reliability in all usage conditions, making it particularly suited also for long haul use. Together with easy retreadability, this all adds up to an important reduction in running costs.

Thanks to innovative solutions used to develop compounds, structures and tread pattern designs, the R:01 Triathlon is designed to cater for the increasingly complex demands of European fleets. It is focussed on containing costs and efficiency, while at the same time respecting the latest legislation and the requirements of vehicle manufacturers. In particular, the R:01 Triathlon series is well adapted to use during winter months, as denoted by the M+S and above all the 3PMSF markings on both steer and drive tyres, complying with EU regulations. Rolling resistance has additionally been reduced, which consequently signifies a lowering in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, fulfilling the expectations of the most demanding fleets and manufacturers while helping to preserve the environment.

Innovative tread pattern design for both steer and drive tyres. In order to have maximum versatility, reduction in rolling resistance, and safety, Pirelli's engineers have come up with unique tread patterns for both steer and drive tyres, characterised by a specific block design that guarantees traction and grip even on snow, while improving the tyre's already impressive wet handling.

The directional FR:01 Triathlon tyres have four zigzag channels with big longitudinal blocks that reduce braking distances and increase water expulsion while maintaining high levels of road holding and driving precision. Furthermore, the shoulder of the tyre has been designed to maximise the contact patch, maintain even wear and extend tyre life. This is design has been patented by Pirelli.

The deep tread blocks are designed to improve traction in all conditions, including winter driving, while the bottom of the grooves are specially moulded to stop stones from blocking up the tread pattern.

On the steer tyre, the TR:01 Triathlon is characterised by a completely new design. This features optimised geometry on the tread blocks and transverse grooves to guarantee a longer tyre life, decreased rolling resistance, better traction, even wear, and more efficient stone expulsion. The 3D sipes ensure constant grip and traction even in snowy conditions, while optimising handling both in the wet and in the dry. These 3D sipes work by opening up to trap snow and so ensure a high level of snow-on-snow grip, making the truck more controllable even in the most marginal conditions. During normal use though, the design actually limits the movement of the block and stiffens the tread, guaranteeing a longer tyre life and more even wear. This design also ensures acoustic comfort, as well as contributing to a reduction in rolling resistance. Furthermore, Pirelli Industrial worked on the contact patch to maximise the area in touch with the ground, helping to extend tyre life and add durability.

New compounds, more kilometres, less rolling resistance. Pirelli Industrial's engineers have developed new compounds that play a key role in extending tyre life and reducing rolling resistance. In particular, the compounds used for the new range of tyres are characterised by the use of silica combined with other materials thanks to Dual Filler Technology, and Carbon Black & Silica interaction, which leads to decreased rolling resistance as well as versatility and reliability in all temperatures and conditions. Dual Layer technology also contributes to this goal, by making use of different compounds on the inside and the outside of the tyre tread. This technology has the extra benefit of increasing tyre life and enhancing grip at the same time, whatever the weather. The external compound is there to guarantee durability and grip in both wet and dry conditions, while the internal compound (which is 100% made from silica) helps to keep operating temperatures low and minimise rolling resistance.

The structure becomes stronger. As well as a longer tyre life, less rolling resistance and easy retreadability – allied with the renowned comfort of the R:01 Triathlon – there have also been improvements to the actual structure, which has become stronger thanks to the use of high tensile steel cords in the belt and construction. This uses a patented new design, making the Triathlon more flexible and comfortable. Not only that but the new tyre is now stronger and even easier to retread. 

TR:01 Triathlon Novateck: Pirelli Industrial's retreadable range gets bigger. At the same time as the new tyre was launched, Pirelli also presented the TR:01 Triathlon ring that enlarges the Novateck cold retreading range. This ring represents the most advanced technical solution when it comes to cold retreading and has been developed in alignment with similar solutions adopted for the R:01 Triathlon series, ensuring the best combination of new and retreaded tyres to minimise fleet running costs. In this way, an identical level of quality is guaranteed throughout each of the lives of the tyre. As well as the ring retreading capability offered by the Novateck TR:01 Triathlon, the R:01 Triathlon is also retreadable with bands. 

The TR:01 Triathlon ring expands the Novateck range of cold retread tyres, developed by Pirelli in collaboration with Marangoni, lining up alongside the Novatread hot retread range. By the end of the year, Pirelli aims to cover the majority of the market's needs and ensure that all of Pirelli's commercial vehicle tyres can be retreaded. The characteristic of both ranges is to ensure a combination of long tyre life, decreased rolling resistance, and high versatility.
Pirelli's dual engagement in the development of both hot and cold retread tyres forms part of a global strategy designed to expand the range of high-technology products and services for transport professionals, in order to streamline costs and improve efficiency via a network of certified retreaders.

Pirelli Industrial returns to the European agricultural market. Pirelli will also be exhibiting the PHP 710/70 R38 at Reifen, a high-performance tyre for agricultural vehicles. The new tyre's debut at the Essen show, highlighting a product at the cutting-edge of technology and adaptability, marks Pirelli Industrial's return to the European agricultural market after 16 years, having previously built up an established reputation in the sector. Back in the 1950s Pirelli was the first to introduce a radial tyre in this segment, leading the way in the market. The new radial range was developed to respond to the different needs of agricultural users throughout Europe, and has been subjected to intense laboratory and open-air tests – both on the road and out in the fields – in order to guarantee top performance in every application.