A British BBQ with the Porsche Club

Burgers, hotdogs and sunshine come to mind when you conjure the fabled word “BBQ”. To some, even uttering this word foreshadows a disappointing deluge on a planned day of alfresco dining. For us in the UK however, our summer BBQ meant being surrounded by the stunning supercars of the Porsche Club GB!

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A British BBQ with the Porsche Club

A wet lap on the track can offer its own challenges, and within that its own entertainment. So too does a wet BBQ, especially when in an environment such as the one found at the Pirelli Clubhouse Barbeque. Hosted in the Cotswolds at Cornbury House, the Porsche Club GB’s headquarters, the countryside itself was a beautiful backdrop to a spot of flame-grilled lunch. But it wouldn’t have been a Porsche Club event without a car park full of fantastic Porsche models of all shapes, sizes and eras. And, somewhat unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what happened. Even a few spells of certified 100% British drizzle couldn’t dampen proceedings. 

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The Porsche Club and Pirelli’s connection in Britain goes beyond the one between road, rubber and car. This latest event as title sponsor is just one of the many exciting events created in collaboration with the Club. With membership over 18,000 strong, boasting a combined fleet of 45,000 Porsches, the opportunities for getting on the road for events like the BBQ are too good to pass up! 

Our visit to the Club’s Cornbury House was preceded by an open day at our Pirelli Performance Centre in Burton-on-Trent. Again, and as the Porsche Club GB will tend to do, the venue was flooded with dozens of incredible examples of German engineering. While the members headed into reception for drinks and a catch up, our team took each of the cars into the centre for a free tyre check and tread report. 

As our PPC technicians worked tirelessly, we invited the Club members on a tour of the site followed by talks on all things tyres and our new colour P Zero

After a quick bite to eat in the reception, and not one but twenty-four photo opportunities, we challenged our guests to take on the Batak. This F1-inspired game features buttons ranging from floor to ceiling which light up in varying patterns to test player’s reaction times. Imagine what it would be like for a pit crew to play whack-a-mole with our #Fit4F1 P Zero, and you’re there!

The day ended with each member receiving their very own Pirelli podium cap and a miniature F1 statue, apart from the winner of the Batak of course… He left with a full goody bag! 

This wasn’t the last the Burton-on-Trent Pirelli Performance Center saw of the Porsche Club GB, we kicked off our road trip to the Peak District from there just last month! Check out the full story right here! 

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