The Pirelli B2B platform is being upgraded

This is how the purchase of tyres becomes simple, fast and also more sustainable

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Who has never purchased anything on-line at least once in their life? Digital shopping is becoming ever more widespread and the ease of doing your shopping directly from the comfort of your armchair at home is unmatchable. From this year, tyre stockists too will be able to buy Pirelli tyres easily and quickly. How so? Thanks to the upgrade of TyreClub+, the B2B e-commerce platform introduced 10 years ago and which today is available with a whole series of new features.       


Placing your orders easily and checking availability in a straightforward way are what characterise the new version of TyreClub+, beginning with filters introduced so as to simplify search results. Together with the list of searched-for items, the platform shows what is currently available, in what quantities, where they can be found and at what price, and also indicates any promotional offers. Amongst other new features, there is a tracking system to check the status of a delivery in real time, an increased level of reliability relating to anticipated delivery dates, an archive of all orders over the past 18 months, and access to data and statistics.


Directly on the home page you can either access your orders or see communications destined for distributors, who can thus remain up to date regarding the latest news from Pirelli, such as product launches, attendance at trade fairs and sales campaigns. Other readily accessible information includes the principal characteristics of each tyre in the form of descriptive product bulletins, the results of tests and multimedia content.


At the basis of the new platform are the requests received from the users themselves, who were interviewed during the course of the planning process. As well as having been honed on the basis of their requirements, TyreClub+ was developed as part of a wider process of digitisation which creates value for customers, by offering them the best possible service and supporting them in their activities. Furthermore, the platform has been re-designed by experts in user experience from the world of e-commerce. The result is an interface which with fewer clicks allows you to obtain more information and of a better quality than in the past.


From a technological point of view, the platform has been developed entirely via the cloud through, the global leader of CRM solutions, which guarantees the highest standards of performance, reliability, security and sustainability. Indeed, thanks to this technological transformation, once it is up to speed, Pirelli will be reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% compared to the existing systems.


The platform was launched in January in Italy and Germany and will be rolled out to other markets progressively during 2023. It also introduces an advanced functionality which allows tyre stockists to be kept constantly up to date about new promotional campaigns, thanks to the monitoring of their expiry dates and objectives, with an immediate visibility of benefits obtained.