The digital tools that bring Pirelli and dealers closer to motorists

18,000 hours of training and more than 700 people involved in learning how the new CRM tools can revolutionise the way tyres are sold.

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Geolocation tools, real-time information on the tyres being ordered, zero waiting times and a Pirelli consultant available at all times. These are the main new features that affect all 16,500 points of sale and in which Pirelli is investing in order to grow the business of its tyre specialist network. Between 2020 and 2021, in fact, over 18,000 hours of training were provided, involving more than 700 Pirelli people globally in the field of sales, marketing and customer service.

In keeping with its digital transformation, the company has completely revolutionised the way its tyre specialist network sells tyres.

Thanks to Pirelli's new CRM platform, which is now active throughout Europe, in Russia, Argentina and Brazil and will soon be available in the other countries where Pirelli has a commercial presence, the relationship between Pirelli and the tyre specialist is a genuine commercial partnership with a common objective: to do their job well, to solve all issues promptly, and to grow their business effectively.

One of the main tools made available by Pirelli dealers for its customers is the “CRM insight”, a geomarketing platform that allows the dealer to identify which cars are present around the tyre specialist's area, to identify the necessary tyre sets, and assume the timing on upcoming tyre replacements. Moreover, the tool can automatically associate the car model previously located with the product required, providing immediate data such as the stock availability of tyres required by the tyre specialist.

A veritable forecast for the future made possible also thanks to the advice of Pirelli staff, who, with the new platform, are able to download their customers' analyses and data automatically. This provides valuable information on the purchase of the product in relation to the area's fleet of vehicles, predicting the future market of each tyre specialist.

In addition to Pirelli staff training activities, there is also the technical e-learning programme offered by Pirelli Tyres Campus in 40 countries around the world, aimed at tyre specialists and product-specific. Halfway through 2021, around 15,000 points of sale had already attended the course.

An additional tool to change the way tyres are sold, which allows tyre specialists to place targeted and useful orders, making unsold stocks a distant memory. Pirelli's objective, in fact, is increasingly to fulfil the role of consultant for its tyre specialists and to accompany them step by step in their business with an increasing focus on growth and the future market.