Pirelli, outstanding supplier for lucid

Pirelli was recognized for being one of the top suppliers for their support and partnership with Lucid.

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Pirelli's partnership in developing a unique tire for Lucid has played a role in the Lucid Air Dream Edition achieving the world beating EPA-estimated 520-mile range. With this motivation, Lucid has awarded Pirelli as one of their Outstanding suppliers of 2022.

In line with its Perfect Fit strategy, Pirelli developed tailor made P Zero tires for the Lucid Air to fully meet the performance requirements of the jewel that has been named “2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year®”.

What MotorTrend describes as “the high-performing, long-range, game-changing electric sedan from California”, the Lucid Air is also the first car to fit the new Pirelli HL tires with a high load index and “HL” on the sidewall.

The P Zeroes for Lucid feature Pirelli Elect and PNCS technologies. The tires in the Pirelli Elect range offer low rolling resistance for increased range, low rolling noise to maximize comfort and a compound to provide immediate grip and handling of the transmission stresses when starting. These attributes also include a structure designed to sustain the weight of the battery pack.

To further enhance interior comfort, PNCS technology features a special sound-absorbing material, which is placed in the tire cavity. This dampens the air vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted to the passenger compartment – resulting in a reduction in tire-rolling noise and providing extra comfort for the driver and passengers.

“It is an honor to receive this Award from Lucid,” said Claudio Zanardo, CEO of Pirelli Tire North America.

“We applaud Lucid for the strong results achieved in 2022 and are glad to have had the opportunity to make a contribution to their visionary car. Set apart from the conventional rules of car design, Lucid Air redefines the performance, efficiency, and space of a luxury sedan with craftsmanship recognizable in every detail. Our partnership is important and we look forward to supporting Lucid in the future”.