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Pirelli celebrated the anniversary together with BMW and presented sustainable tyre production

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100 years
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Munich, 12 September 2016 - With a range of spectacular events the BMW AG celebrated its 100th anniversary in Munich on 10 September. The big party took place across the grounds of the Munich Olympic Park, including the Olympic Stadium. The BMW Museum, BMW Welt and the area around the iconic ‘Four-Cylinder’ headquarters building was also included. As a longtime companion the premium tyre manufacturer Pirelli has congratulated the automotive group most warmly on its jubilee. It was a pleasure for Pirelli to accept an invitation of BMW to present the tyre company on a platform in front of the BMW Welt during the celebrations.

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There Pirelli informed guests about the comprehensive sustainability concept of the tyre company. This concept already addresses the production of necessary raw materials. Thus Pirelli supports Indonesian rubber farmers to operate their rubber tree plantations environmentally appropriate. Currently about two million families in Indonesia make a living by cultivation of rubber trees. Due to targeted training, they are able to increase the productivity of their plantations, without the environment being adversely affected thereby. At the same time further deforestation is prevented in order to preserve the biological balance in the regions concerned.

Another sustainability project by Pirelli is the development of Ultra High Performance tyres by using natural rubber of the guayule. The guayule is no food plant. It grows in desert areas, thrives even if there is very little water available and needs no pesticides. For these reasons, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to the rubber tree.
Even in manufacturing tyres Pirelli obtains considerable achievements regarding the environmental sustainability. Between 2009 to 2015 the company reduced its water consumption by 42 percent. During the same period, the proportion of recycled production waste increased from 73 to 91 percent.

But Pirelli tyres itself are environmentally friendly. Due to a lot of technical innovations their rolling resistance, noise emission and weight were significantly reduced in the past decade, while their durability was increased. These are the reasons why Pirelli tyres are more economic, go easy on natural resources and reduce the number of end-of-life tyres.
Finally automobiles from BMW too benefit from these advantages. In conjunction with made-to-measure original equipment tyres of Pirelli they form an excellent combination for many decades, which is characterized by a maximum of driving safety and comfort.

Exactly geared to the needs of an individual car model of BMW these tyres ensure maximum performance and the highest possible degree of safety to each and every customer of the automobile group. Sophisticated tread patterns and special compounds submit highest traction and best driving quality on each pavement.

This technology ensures that also in the next 100 years customers of BMW will enjoy what is on their mind: sheer driving pleasure.

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