Pirelli Tyre

The Pirelli Tyre Group activities  are splitted into two business units, consumer e industrial. The consumer business includes the tyres which will be used by private users such as cars, SUV, van and motorcycles. On the other hand, the industrial business comprehends tyres aimed to professional transport vehicles (buses, trucks, shovels and tractors) and the Steelcord production which is the basic straightening component for the creation of radial tyres.

In the car tyre sector, Pirelli offers a range of products for cars and SUVs, focussing on high an ultra-high performance products that aim to combine a notable level of stability and safety in all driving conditions with elevated grip and road holding even at high speeds. These tyres are particularly suitable for powerful, high performance cars, the qualities of which they are designed to exalt.

A producer of tyres for two-wheelers from the early Twentieth century, within the motorcycle sector the group offers one the industry's most comprehensive ranges. Production takes place in the two factories at Breuberg in Germany (where MIRS™ technology is used) and at Gravataì in Brazil. Pirelli Tyre is represented in this product segment by the Pirelli and Metzeler brands: the first is characterised by a strong sporting attitude and is aimed at a clientele generally associated with the world of competition, while the second is more comfort-oriented and is aimed a clientele more inclined  towards intensive road use and long distances.

Within its ranges of tyres for industrial vehicles, Pirelli Tyre has progressively reinforced its commitment to the markets in developing countries characterised by a growing demand - investing in production capacity in countries such as Brazil, in the Middle East and in China - and has increas-ingly focussed on the production of tyres with a higher technological content. In continuous consolidation, both in terms of products and industrial scope, the truck sector has recently seen the introduction to the production processes of many of the concepts behind the MIRS™ technology that have permitted the launch of the Pirelli Amaranto™ family of giant high perform-ance and high reliability tyres.

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Last Revised: 08 May 2012