1998-1999: TV, Press & Poster Campaigns


The page is completely black, split by a ray of sunshine and the words: "...and then there was light".

The Pirelli Cables and Systems advertising campaign for 1999 celebrated the last eclipse of the century with an image with great visual impact, published for the first time in the Financial Times on 11 August 1999. This was the first campaign of the Armando Testa agency, which then became Pirelli's advertising partner.

TYRES: the Ronaldo Campaign


Ronaldo,  the international football star from Brazil, was the testimonial chosen by Pirelli for the 1998 season. Against the splendid backdrop of Rio de Janeiro, the "Phenomenon" stands with open arms in the number 10 black and blue shirt.

The image was taken by famous British photographer Ken Griffiths, and soon became a reference point, thanks to one detail: his feet, shod in Pirelli tyres.

International advertising agency Young & Rubicam coined a slogan that emphasised one of Pirelli's traditional strongpoints: "Power Is Nothing Without Control".

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