We constantly challenge the boundaries of technology, style and sustainability, setting trends across the world

We Change your Driving Experience

We go beyond technology limits to achieve a superior performance level.

Premium Technology

With Premium we combine cutting edge technology with product excellence.
Our Innovation model focuses on:

Continuous and minute research (40 years of experience and 10 Regional centres)

Cutting edge technology (Tyre technology on cars and fleets)

Global partnerships (over 100 partnerships in Original Equipment)

Innovative production processes (automation of the production cycle)

F1, driver of development of new compounds, modeling and processes

We Change the Way of Working in the Industry

A responsible approach to production that responds to the major economic changes under way on a global level. A solid, integrated industrial strategy grounded in a conception of flexible production.

A responsible management

Our sustainability model flows through the entire value chain, integrating the sustainability principles in every area, process and company function.

A sustainable approach, able to generate tangible and intangible
wealth, enduring for the Group.


We developed a governance system in line with international best practices and suitable to our
role as a multinational company, and in view of comprehensive risk prevention and of value creation.

Governance evolution

We change people look and feel

We always test new and provocative communication strategies, we match design and industrial style, we create unique experiences.

“The Cal”™

A symbol that for fifty years celebrates the complexity of an art that has been able to transform itself over time, beyond trends and styles of the moment.

PZero, the Industrial Culture of Design

Research and innovation meet fashion.
Pirelli Confezioni creates a new paradigm for elegance, style and quality, a tradition now taking shape with our PZero Brand.