The Pirelli Foundation was created in 2009 based on the awareness that safeguarding the Group’s cultural and historical heritage is of value not only for the organisation, but also for the community in which we operate and for society as a whole.

An expression of the will both of the Pirelli family and of the company, the Pirelli Foundation is housed in a refurbished 1930s building that also includes the Historical Archives, the private archives of the Pirelli family, and a library of science and technology.

The goals of the Foundation include safeguarding the company’s historical heritage and promoting Pirelli’s culture of enterprise through exhibitions, conferences and partnerships with other cultural organisations.

The Foundation also pursues a great many educational initiatives, which include programmes for children of all ages, from pre-school and elementary school on up to middle school and secondary school. The primary purpose of these programmes is to teach young people about the worlds of work and of manufacturing and to promote the founding values of the Group’s culture of enterprise.

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Last revised: 09 Jun 2014