Communications icon: the value of an art which tells history beyond time

The Pirelli calendar reflects our Group's industrial tradition: pioneering innovation to stay ahead of the game. This is the philosophy that has taken Pirelli to the forefront
of the industry globally.
Chief Executive Officer

The evolution of an innovation and communications icon,
able to anticipate and mark new trends.
Between continuous experimentation and cultural provocation, the three symbolic Eras of a refined and exclusive editorial product.

1964 - 1974
The origins

Born in 1964 on Thames during Swinging London age, "The Cal"™ channeled the zeitgeist of planetary music successes (Beatles) and of great political and social mobilizations.
The Calendar soon cast off its original role as a "corporate freebie", becoming an exclusive publication with a strong aesthetic and cultural vocation.
"The Cal"™ aspired to be a sign of changing times, under the forward-looking and enlightened leading figure of its first art director Derek Forsyth.

1984 – 1994
The relaunch

After 10 years of nostalgic break, "The Cal"™ returns on the world cultural scene under the leading figure of a new art director: Martyn Walsh who gives a very precise "track" to the shots. The new Pirelli Calendar inserts subliminal traces of tyres on both the models and the sets.
In 1987 Terence Donovan created a groundbreaking Calendar featuring only black models, which included a 16 year old Naomi Campbell at the start of her career.

1994 - today
Cult expression

After 50 years "The Cal"™ went back to being an artistic publication with no limitations or restrictions except the canons of style and good taste.
The artistic direction moved into the company's Milan headquarters and it was decided that all references to tyres should be dropped.
Pirelli becomes after all an international brand that is not identified with a single product family, but evokes a broad spectrum of values and meanings, first and foremost a commitment to innovation and the quest for excellence.

“The Cal”™

We anticipate trends and test new and provocative communication strategies.