Your virtual race track engineer

A high-performance tyre monitoring system that collects telemetric information in real-time to help you to improve your driving performance on the track.

Tyre control and telemetry in one solution

Performance under control

More than 110 years of experience and a long history of success in the world of Motorsport lies behind Track Adrenaline - your virtual track engineer: a high-tech telemetry system that combines information on the status of your tyres with telemetric data.

Real-time monitoring app

Enjoy the track experience and relive your driving sessions any time you like. Make quick and easy checks on the condition of your tyres and adjust the pressure to optimal levels via the digital pressure gauge.

Control unit

A control device located inside the vehicle enables sensor-to-app communication, giving precise GPS readings at any time during your race track session. The control unit can be easily installed on the roll-bar, the front window or the rear window, depending on the car model.

P ZERO™ Trofeo RS

Complete the experience with Pirelli's semi slick P ZERO™ TROFEO RS, the sportiest product in our road tyre range. Developed as original eqiupment for supercars and hypercars, it delivers performance on track and safety on road.

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Perfect, practical and fast set-up
Quickly and conveniently monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres via your smartphone. Help to deliver the full potential of your tyres to increase the efficiency and performance of your car.

Let the TRACK ADRENALINE™ App advise you, set the optimal pressure for your lap and keep the pressure of your tyres at the recommended levels thanks to the digital pressure gauge.

The TRACK ADRENALINE™ App must be used only on track. Use on the road is strictly forbidden.
Monitor your performance on track
Based on GPS technology that guarantees precision on trajectories, lap and split times, TRACK ADRENALINE™ offers a comprehensive live view.

Thanks to an extensive circuit database, the circuit is located and recognised as soon as you turn on TRACK ADRENALINE™, setting the position of the finish line and the split points for you. This information is then used, with extreme precision, to calculate telemetric data such as lap time, predictive lap time and best lap.

The LIVE VIEW function can only be used by the passenger.
Relive the adrenaline of your test track rides
TRACK ADRENALINE™ records your lap data to allow you to analyse your performance and understand how to improve your driving and lap times. A simple and intuitive interface gives access to information such as: lap time, best lap time, ideal lap time, maximum and average speed, longitudinal and transversal acceleration and total mileage.

Replay mode allows you to analyse your trajectories, providing you with KPIs in real-time and comparing different sessions from different days.

Pirelli partners with Audi Sport for Audi RS 4 Avant edition 25 years.

On top of original equipment P Zero Corsa™ tyres, the Audi RS 4 Avant edition 25 years is equipped with an additional set of sensorised P Zero™ Trofeo RS for track use, paired with Pirelli Track Adrenaline™ system.

Inspired by champions, for real petrolheads

Top technology and precision to monitor the performance of your tyres on track
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