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The Australian Grand Prix from a tyre point of view

Pirelli enters its second season of Formula One as exclusive tyre supplier with the entire range of tyres renewed compared to the previous year. This has been in response to new aerodynamic and technical regulations, which have had a profound impact on car design. Blown diffusers are now forbidden, with ...>

Tyre strategy to form the key to the 2012 season

What’s the story? Having helped to set the fastest-ever lap of Albert Park during qualifying last year, Pirelli has a tough act to follow in 2012. But in its second season of Formula One, the Italian firm has placed the emphasis even more firmly on race strategy by reducing the ...>

Pirelli announces the new test car for 2012

Italian tyre firm Pirelli, the official tyre supplier to Formula One, will make use of a 2010 Renault R30 for testing purposes this year, with the test driver still to be appointed. A test driver should be appointed later this month. The 2010 Renault will be adapted to simulate the ...>