High mileage, wet grip and unwavering performance are important considerations when choosing a tyre. Pirelli has therefore decided to offer motorcyclists the new Angel GT, certified by the independent Motorrad TestCenter as the tyre delivering the highest mileage in the Sport Touring segment. The international press were able to test Pirelli’s latest offering in the exciting setting of Taranto’s naval dockyard on-board the Italian Navy aircraft carrier Cavour and at the Nardò Technical Center. Journalists were able to appreciate the new Angel GT’s performance in the wet during a wet braking test on the ship’s flight deck and witness its racing spirit and handling capabilities at the Apulian handling circuit.

The jewel in the crown of the Pirelli Sport Touring range, Angel GT is the natural successor to the Angel ST, increasing its mileage by 30% and reducing braking distances by around one metre (at a speed of 75 kph).  Improvements have also been made to the grip and handling in the wet following an in-depth study of compounds and tread groove geometry and positioning.

The Pirelli Research and Development Centre has designed a totally innovative tyre profile, increasing the centre radius by around 35% and creating a less rounded middle section. This means that the contact patch is now around 6% shorter and 15% wider than the Angel ST.

In conclusion, the special rayon casing based directly on know-how acquired by Pirelli in the World Superbike Championship has 32% greater linear density and is 60% stiffer than that of the Angel ST, providing a nimble, responsive ride, excellent thrust and grip when cornering and optimum damping over bumpy surfaces.