Burton upon Trent, July 23, 2012 – Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli is pleased to announce that it is supplying a UK-based Ferrari team’s race transport trailer with its Novateck range of retreaded truck tyres.

FF Corse is a unique stable of Ferrari Challenge race cars that form the basis of a track-driving club and race team for owners and enthusiasts of Ferrari Challenge and GT cars. The team’s workshop in Silverstone is dedicated to the servicing, preparation and storage of the largest fleet of client owned Ferrari 458, F430 and 360 Challenge cars in the world.

The UK-based team offers the level of professionalism essential to ensure a successful motorsport business, combined with the enthusiasm required to make the operation enjoyable for all participants. The support team consists of highly experienced personnel capable of extending the level of care and expertise required to ensure the smooth preparation and running of motorsport events.

Earlier this year, Pirelli was asked to supply the race transport trailer that transports the precious cargo with Novateck Truck Retreads. Over the past few years, Pirelli has developed the Novateck Tyre Retread range through its partnership in the UK with Vacu-Lug. This partnership, which was recently renewed, enables the two companies to work together to produce the Pirelli Novateck range. By combining the existing Pirelli technology and Vacu-Lug’s 60 years of experience in the retread market, Pirelli is able to offer a full life package to its customers with quality, mileage and reliability.

“FF Corse are very proud of their links with Pirelli through the European Ferrari Challenge and the UK Pirelli Ferrari Open series. As such, we are extremely pleased to recommend Pirelli trailer tyres, as used on our motorsport race trailers,” said FF Corse Team Principal, Anthony Cheshire.

Cheshire added: “Whilst carrying our cargo of race equipment and Ferrari race cars, the first factor we considered when specifying which brand of tyres to use was the safety of the vehicles. At the same time, the tyres must hard wearing and economical to use on the trailers. We have found Pirelli to offer the best product across all these categories and have been very pleased with the results.”

Neil Booker, Pirelli Commercial Vehicle Marketing Manager, commented: “FF Corse is a very welcome addition to our portfolio of partners and we’re immensely proud of this fitment which takes this Ferrari race team all over Europe.”


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