On July 1, Aimone Di Savoia will become Pirelli Tyre Nordic´s new CEO. Through new initiatives and structural changes Pirelli will continue to develop and grow in the Region. Nordic countries identified as important growth area. Däckia acquisition will deliver wider Nordic distribution.

Pirelli has appointed Aimone Di Savoia as the new CEO for Pirelli Tyre Nordic which is responsible for the markets in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The appointment is in line with the aim of Pirelli to strengthen its presence in these markets. Given his experience in successfully leading Pirelli’s expansion into the “winter land” of Russia which, like the Nordic countries, has a heavy emphasis on the winter tyre market, he is the right choice for the CEO role.

Before joining Pirelli Tyre Nordic, Di Savoia was for many years the CEO of Pirelli in Russia and, most recently, responsible for Pirelli in the Middle East. While in Russia, he was part of the Pirelli team that led to the acquisition of two Russian factories in Kirov and Voronezh. The purpose of the new factories is to ensure a more efficient production and greater availability of winter tyres for both Russia and the Nordics.

Nordic countries identified as important growth area
Nordic countries and Russia have been identified as particularly interesting growth markets for Pirelli and the company therefore increases its investments in these markets. The two form a new separate region, “Russia and Nordics”, within the enterprise for greater collaboration.

“Pirelli is firmly focused on continuing to grow in the premium tyre segment in the Nordic markets, with a focus on high quality winter products. I will use my experience in Russia to drive positive synergies between Russia and the Nordics, to further develop the added value we provide to our Nordic customers”, says Aimone Di Savoia.

Particular focus on Nordic tyres and wider Nordic distribution
Pirelli’s newly established Russian factories will have a focus on delivering market-leading products for the Russian and Nordic winter markets. Already, the company supplies a complete winter product range with non-studded and studded tyres. The studded tyre product Carving Edge is currently available in 50 different sizes. With the new plants Pirelli have new opportunities to further broaden its product range, both with more sizes and new products.

The company also continues its drive to establish a widened distribution in the Nordic countries. As part of this growth strategy, one of Sweden’s largest tyre retailer, Däckia, was just recently acquired by Pirelli.