“Road” studs can be fitted, which protrude about 1/1.5 mm, which can therefore also cover long asphalted stretches without damaging the road surface.

The compounds and the tread have been developed to perform best both in the case of the application of studs for heavy snow conditions, and also - without studs - to guarantee adequate grip also on slippery surfaces and at very low temperatures.

  • Snow


Tire identification

The markings that appears on the side of the tires also tells us the basic size of the tire, the rim diameter and the width of the rim.
We will illustrate how to read two different types of branding that may appear on the side of the rally tires.

C: Nominal section width expressed in mm - 225
D: Nominal external diameter expressed in mm - 600
d: Nominal rim diameter of the rim, expressed in inches - 16
C: Nominal section width expressed in mm - 205
h/C: Tire’s technical series. This expresses the ration between the section height (in mm) and the nominal section width (in mm) - 65
Radial construction - R
d: Nominal rim diameter of the rim, expressed in inches - 15

​The treads of the various versions of rally tires are described by one or two letters followed by a number. The letters identify the type of tread. 
The number after the letter indicates the type of use, for example: RX 7

Make sure that tires are fitted by experts, with specialised dedicated machinery and equipment, who follow safety procedures.
Before mounting the tires clean the surface of the beads and the area of the rim that comes into contact with the tire.

Use ONLY special tire lubricants for mounting tires. Do NOT use silicone or petroleum lubricants.

Check the state of the valves to prevent air loss: Check the seals and the tightness for metal ones and check also for any tears or cracks in rubber seals. If necessary, replace them. When the tire is being used, always use the valve cover top.

Follow the indications provided on the sidewall of the tire referring to the rolling direction and the correct positioning of the internal and external sidewalls, if specified.

Use the safety cage when inflating tires.
Before unseating the tire from the rim during disassembly, make sure that the tire has been fully deflated, removing the inner valve mechanism.


tire size version diameter(mm)D section width(mm)C tread wdt(mm)Cb rolling circumference(mm) rimE
tire size235/40ZR18 versionSottozero 'SNOW' RALLY WRC diameter(mm)D649 section width(mm)C222 tread wdt(mm)Cb175 rolling circumference(mm)1976 rim
SAFETY WARNING: danger may result from improper use. Follow tire manufacturer’s instructions. Refer to car manufacturer’s recommendations with respect to tire fitment for each model.

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