The dedicated DOT approved race tire for racing enthusiasts that need extreme levels of performance when driving on track.

Developed for the most powerful sports cars in production, the P Zero™ Trofeo is the embodiment of the Pirelli experience in motorsport. Best suited for racetrack driving on dry asphalt, the P Zero™ Trofeo reacts with precision even under intense use and high temperatures. Even in the most demanding sessions, it ensures high levels of grip and constant trajectories.
Although engineered specifically for the racetrack, the P Zero™ Trofeo is also approved for road use, enabling travel to the track. In the event of wet asphalt, judicious driving at reduced speeds is advised to limit the risk of aquaplaning. The P Zero™ Trofeo is generally not recommended for use in wet track conditions.
The P Zero™ Trofeo was designed under the Green Performance philosophy and features environmentally friendly compounds free of potentially harmful highly aromatic oils. It also already meets pending legislation for reduced noise levels.

Developed for the racetrack

The asymmetric  tread is characterized by two wide central ribs and large regular blocks.

Developed for the racetrack, each area has a specific function, calculated to the millimetre.

The inner area, together with the longitudinal grooves, responds to the critical issues of wet surfaces and aquaplaning.
The imposing central ribs guide the trajectories and withstand the structural stresses on braking.
The transversal cuts ensure traction and braking.

The outer area with pattern derived from rally asphalt applications, ensures the required rigidity to cope with the stresses during cornering, typical of racetrack driving.

A notable increase (+10%) in the size of the contact area in bends, thanks to flexibility derived from the numerous grooves present from the centre towards the inner shoulder.

In front (for cars with different sections on the axles) and all-around fitments, the longitudinal grooves are wider, to counter the effects of standing water, with respect to the rear tire.

front (where applicable, with narrower section): good performance in aquaplaning thanks to the land/sea ratio comparable to a pure road tire;

rear: thanks to the specific work done by the front tire, it can concentrate on road holding deriving from the ‘fuller’ pattern;

all around: intermediate solution, with a lower land/sea ratio than a pure road tire.

Power progression

Work on grip, on contact pressure and on better driving controllability – the result of studies on tread patterns with road characteristics – give P Zero™ Trofeo the lead on laps in dry conditions.

Technology in the service of racetrack driving
Maximum response to the driver’s commands, high grip in bends, acceleration and braking: the design qualities of P Zero™ Trofeo transfer safety into extreme use and in road journeys. These results are thanks to manufacturing solutions which have increased structural resistance for extreme use of tires. P Zero™ Trofeo is a leader in technological refinement.

With respect to the previous product the design innovation of P Zero™ Trofeo stands out for the larger footprint with a more uniform distribution of the pressure. The advantage translates into greater grip, more regular wear and a increased driving comfort.

Pirelli has developed new formulas, in order to maintain high performance over longer times in the presence of very high thermal stresses, without penalizing handling on wet surfaces.

technical advice

The right pressure for racetrack driving

How do I set the tire pressure correctly?

Before entering the curcuit

technical data

size diameter
section width
rolling circumf.
rim min/max fitment
size225/40 ZR18 92 (Y) diameter(mm)643 section width(mm)232 rolling circumf.(mm)2020 rim min/max7.5J - 8J - 8.5J - 9J fitmentF Porsche Boxster
size235/40 ZR18 95 (Y) diameter(mm)650 section width(mm)244 rolling circumf.2041 rim min/max8J - 8.5J - 9J - 9.5J fitmentF Porsche Boxster - Cayman S - 911 GT2
size245/40 ZR18 WRC 97 (Y) diameter658 section width
rolling circumf.2066 rim min/max8J - 8.5J - 9J - 9.5J fitmentMitsubishi Lancer EVO X
Subaru Impreza WRX STI
size265/40 ZR18 101(Y) diameter672 section width
rolling circumf.2112 rim min/max9J - 9.5J - 10J - 10.5J fitmentR Porsche Boxster – Cayman S
size265/35 ZR18 93 (Y) diameter647 section width
rolling circumf.2032 rim min/max9J - 9.5J - 10J - 10.5J fitmentR Porsche Boxster
size255/40 ZR19 100 (Y) diameter693 section width
rolling circumf.2177 rim min/max8.5J - 9J - 9.5J - 10J fitmentF BMW M5 - M6
size225/35 ZR19 88 (Y) diameter646 section width
rolling circumf.2028 rim min/max7.5J - 8J - 8.5J - 9J fitmentF Ferrari F430 - 360 Challenge
size235/35 ZR19 91 (Y) diameter651 section width
rolling circumf.2044 rim min/max8J - 8.5J - 9J - 9.5J fitmentF Ferrari 430 Scuderia / Porsche
Cayman S - 911 GT2 /
Lamborghini Gallardo
size245/35 ZR19 93 (Y) diameter656 section width
rolling circumf.2062 rim min/max8J - 8.5J - 9J - 9.5J fitmentF BMW M3
size265/35 ZR19 98 (Y) diameter672 section width
rolling circumf.2112 rim min/max9J - 9.5J - 10J - 10.5J  fitmentR Porsche Cayman S / BMW M3
size285/35 ZR19 103 (Y) diameter686 section width
rolling circumf.2155 rim min/max9.5J - 10J - 10.5J - 11J fitmentR Ferrari F430 - 360 Challenge
430 Scuderia/ BMW M5 - M6
size295/30 ZR19 100 (Y) diameter665 section width
rolling circumf.2090 rim min/max10J - 10.5J - 11J fitmentR Lamborghini Gallardo
size305/30 ZR19 102 (Y) diameter665 section width
rolling circumf.2090 rim min/max10J - 10.5J - 11J - 11.5J fitmentR Porsche GT3 RS
size325/30 ZR19 101 (Y) diameter682 section width
rolling circumf.2142 rim min/max11J - 11.5J - 12J fitmentR Porsche 911 GT2