An asymmetric tire, for dry or damp/wet surfaces.

  • Gravel

Notable steering precision and adherence in traction and braking above all on fast roads, even at low levels of grip. The rigid structure and the dense tread pattern ensure good stability above all in fast cornering characterized by prolonged stress on the tire.

The asymmetric tread pattern ensures excellent performance in traction and braking thanks to the internal blocks. The external blocks facilitate excellent directionality and high lateral grip.

Available in different compounds, according to the characteristics of adherence of the ground and the weather conditions.

For the hardest and most severe surfaces the K is available in a “reinforced’’ version. The features of directionality and traction are combined with resistance and integrity thanks to its reinforced structure both in the tread zone and in the sidewalls, which are more resistant to lacerations and cuts.

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technical data

tire size version diameter(mm)D section width(mm)C tread wdt(mm)Cb rolling circumference(mm) rim
tire size165/70R15 TL versionK4 - K6 diameter(mm)D615 section width(mm)C176 tread wdt(mm)Cb150 rolling circumference(mm)1844 rime5,5
tire size175/70R15 TL versionK4 - K6 diameter(mm)D625 section width(mm)C185 tread wdt(mm)Cb169 rolling circumference(mm)1876 rime6
tire size 185/70R15 TL versionK4 - K6 diameter(mm)D638 section width(mm)C198 tread wdt(mm)Cb165 rolling circumference(mm)1916 rime6
tire size195/70R15 TL versionK2 - K4 - K6 diameter(mm)D650 section width(mm)C202 tread wdt(mm)Cb180 rolling circumference(mm)1954 rime6
tire size205/65R15 TL versionK2 - K4 - K6 - Reinf K2/K4 diameter(mm)D649 section width(mm)C228 tread wdt(mm)Cb180 rolling circumference(mm)1951 rime7

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