Pirelli’s made-to-measure technology headlines the 84th Geneva Motor Show, where all the most eagerly anticipated cars make their debut wearing P Zero and Cinturato tires, which have been specifically tailor-made as original equipment for each model.

For the prestige sector, this includes the Ferrari California T, the Lamborghini Huracan and McLaren 650S. Other new models wearing the latest Pirelli tires at the Geneva Motor Show are the Audi TT, S1 and S3 Cabriolet, the latest-generation BMW X5, Mercedes C Class and S600, as well as the Jaguar F Type, XFR and XJR.

Including the new homologations at the Geneva Motor Show, the P Zero tire has now achieved 380 homologations since 2007, meaning that in just seven years Pirelli’s engineers have designed and developed 380 different versions of the P Zero: a bespoke tire tailor-made for the requirements of all models in the premium and prestige sector.

Another Pirelli tire with a record number of homologations is the Cinturato P7, which has received 170 homologations in its five-year lifespan.

Each homologation is perfectly adapted to the individual needs of every model, which means that it is no longer correct to talk about a single P Zero or Cinturato as original equipment, but instead a family of tires from which numerous versions are derived, specifically developed for the cars to which they are fitted.


The base characteristics of the P Zero are extraordinary roadholding both on straights and through corners, high standards of safety thanks to reduced wet and dry braking distances, driveability and comfort. The P Zero uses special Nano-composites in the tread pattern and bead, ensuring both a comfortable drive and sporting performance. The tread pattern design guarantees maximum grip on wet surfaces, thanks to three wide longitudinal grooves and also optimizes acoustic comfort, while the asymmetric profile ensures consistent wear.

The P Zero structure contains any deformation of the profile even at very high speeds (up to 370kph). Today P Zero is available in varied sizes from /50 to /25, for rims from 17 to 21 inches.


The Cinturato P7 – Pirelli’s first ecological high-performance tire for cars with medium to large engines – has also been destined for continuous evolution in close collaboration with the world’s leading car manufacturers. In just a short space of time it has claimed the market leadership in its sector and won several international tire tests. In particular, the Cinturato P7 ensures a low environmental impact because of the Nano fillers and special polymers in the compounds, which lead to reduced weight compared to any reference tire in its category.

The Cinturato P7 also reduces rolling resistance by 20%, leading to a decrease in CO2 emissions, as well as reduced fuel consumption by 4.2%. The asymmetric tread pattern design offers maximum safety even on wet surfaces and through corners, reducing noise by 30% compared to any reference tire. The sophisticated design mean that the Cinturato P7’s tread pattern wears evenly, ensuring a consistent performance throughout its life cycle.