SUVs and Crossovers needn’t be a handful on winter and fall roads.  The premium range Pirelli Scorpion™ Winter tire (also available in Run Flat) delivers drivers of heavier and more powerful vehicles improved braking and cornering safety on the most treacherous surfaces that autumn and winter can provide, complementing each vehicle’s ABS and traction control systems. Developed by Pirelli to maximize grip on the snow, optimize steering precision and guarantee safety when cornering and in the straight during the cold season, Scorpion™ Winter complies fully with Pirelli’s high safety, comfort, reliability and handling standards, even in winter.

Inclement weather is no match for the Pirelli Scorpion™ Winter – drivers will enjoy full control under all conditions of use, no matter what Mother Nature, or the more adventurous driver can throw at them.

In addition, the characteristic reliability and safety of the premium Scorpion™ Winter has been certified by the TÜV SÜD Group, an independent international certification, inspection, testing and training body, and recently earned the Group’s “best in class” award for its braking, grip and driving performance on the snow in comparative testing against 4 rivals. 

The independent certification body gives its seal of approval to the new Scorpion™ Winter tire, which was awarded top marks in handling and braking tests on the snow, slowing from 31 to 6 mph in 84 feet. Meanwhile, in the traction test on compact snowy surfaces it accelerated from 6 to 25 mph in 2.32 seconds.

The Scorpion™ Winter tire was launched by Pirelli in March, 2012 for the latest-generation SUVs and crossover vehicles and its accolade confirm Pirelli’s leadership in the winter technology sector and are original equipment by some of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers.

The tires used throughout the comparative test were bought directly by TÜV SÜD Automotive from dealers and wholesalers, in order to guarantee complete impartiality.